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First Year Instructor Resources

Below are various resources for use in a First Year Orientation Course: 

Center for International Studies and Programs(CISP)
Request a classroom presentation  by completing this CISP Presentation Request Form.

Center for Experiential Learning and Career Services(CELCS) 
CELCS recognizes that unique experiences outside of the classroom and career development are important for our students to succeed. Request a presentation by completing the CELCS presentation request form.

Learning Enhancement Center/Writing Center
Consider allowing a representative from the Learning Enhancement Center/Writing Center to take just five minutes of one of your classes to talk about their services.

In addition, our Learning Enhancement Center offers the following workshops that can be presented in your course:

•         Study Smarter, Not Harder (Study Strategies)

•         Beat the Clock: Learn to Effectively Manage Your Time (Time Management)

•         Mastering the Art of Taking Notes (Note Taking Skills)

These interactive workshops are 45 minutes in length and can be modified to meet your objectives. 

life@college This two-part, innovative, interactive program is designed in a manner that can be easily integrated into First Year Student academic courses.  life@college.utoledo is a two-part educational program targeted towards first year students. This program addresses high-risk student issues. Specifically, it covers the areas of character development, alcohol/binge drinking, healthy relationships, HIV/STD prevention, sexual assault, and adjusting to college life. These are critical issues that affect student retention and academic success.

life@college Part I:  Dying for a Drink: September 12 -16, 2016

life@college Part II: Real World.  Real Choices. Get the Facts.:  October 24 -28, 2016

Life@College Brochure

LIfe@College Student Flyer

 AlcoholEdu, an alcohol abuse prevention course, and Haven, a sexual assault prevention course

The University of Toledo is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all members of the University community.  As part of this commitment, all newly admitted students are required to complete AlcoholEdu, an alcohol abuse prevention course, and Haven, a sexual assault prevention course.  These two online courses are being offered through a partnership with EverFi. 

Belowyou will find two letters, one letter outlines introduces the courses, outlines the due dates and provides the log-in directions (Instructor letter), and, the other letter introduces the two courses to the student (Student letter).  You may refer any questions and/or concerns regarding either AlcoholEdu or Haven to Dr. Stan Edwards, Director, UT Counseling Center, using email to or by phone at 419-530-2426.

 Student Direction Letter

Blackboard Shell Based on the feedback that the course shell should be more easily modified to fit instructor specific materials and that the shell should utilize more external learning resources, the shell was re-constructed to be easily customized to your specific needs. There are also additional resources that have been added for students to understand the learning benefits of service learning, experiential learning and being involved in campus activities earlier in their academic journey—a greater impact in the retention of students.

New specific items of note in the shell:

  • Weekly themes linked to campus activities—Based on an outline developed through the Associate/Assistant Dean’s council, there have been specific topics chosen for specific weeks to align with campus activities. These themes are reflected in the modules built for the course shell.
  • Rubrics—Course rubrics for reflection writing assignments and final projects have been embedded for the four main writing reflections and the final project assignment. 
  • Two-week student check-up and Mid-course review—To be sure students do not need additional help or referrals for resources these short exercises may help you direct students to resources early.
  • Sample Student Welcome Letter and Blackboard Instructions—A sample letter and Blackboard instructions to acclimate students to the course shell prior to class.

Safety Information for First Year Orientation studentsfrom Jeff C. Newton, UT's Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police There are several options available to provide information about safety as a part of the First Year Orientation class:

  • Strongly recommend all instructors at a minimum to show the newly updated UT Safety video.  It’s only a minute long but highlights important topics.  (copy/paste into web browser)
  • Encourage all instructors to ask students to follow UTPD on Facebook and or Twitter as we use social media frequently to provide the community information about criminal activity in our area as well as general information on safety and events and programming offered through UTPD or other areas.
  • Several times throughout the academic year UTPD will offer trainings: A.L.I.C.E. [surviving an active shooter], Healthy Boundaries [focused on promoting healthy relationships].  Once these are scheduled, the schedule will be distributed to all First Year instructors.  It would be much appreciated if instructors helped promote the events and encouraged active participation by offering some credit for attendance and/or a one page reflection paper or some option aligned with the course content.

If further assistance on safety issues is needed, please feel free to contact Jeff Newton directly: Jeffrey C. Newton, Director of Public Safety / Chief of Police at 419.530.2222 

 Course Ideas From August 27, 2014

  Class Theme Quote of the Week Class Topics Instructor Resource Class Resources Co-Curricular
Week 1

Why Orientation

Week 1 & 2

Voucher template

'The beginning
is the most important part
of the work.'

428 BC - 348 BC

Ice Breakers Mindset List 2017 UT Portal - Week at a Glance Schedule First Week 2014 Student Organization Fair Wednesday, August 17, 11:00 a.m.
2:00 p.m.    Voucher
Who are students are Glossary of Terms
Review of Course Syllabus including expectations Structure of University - PPT slide
The University Experience College is Different than High School
     Being a
'You need to know to read anything that shows up from the university in your email.' Self- Responsibility Student Code of Conduct UT Mission and Core Values Rocket Solution Central Getting Involved
Class Schedule UT Portal as gateway  Four Year Plan Add/Drop Forms    
Academic Calendar Registration Dates  
Healthy Choices Student Rec Center Making Choices Student Code of Conduct
Week 2 The University Experience You need to know to take personal responsibility -  Success or
failure is now based on your personal decisions and your effort.'
(p. 29)
Planning Your College Experience College  Websites Four Year Plan Academic Calendar Walking Tour of Campus
Motivation and Goal Setting Time Commitment Sheet TED Talk - Steve Jobs Academic Polices
Defining Success Mary Louise Parker discusses success


Example of
an academic policy: GPA Recalculation for Repeated Courses
Week 3

Academic Success

First Class Meeting

Second Class Meeting

You need to know to go to class even if you don't  have the homework done.' Learning Styles

Self Assessment
of Learning Styles, Study Habits, etc.

Fifteen Minute Rule

Chop It Up

Missed Class Policy Cornell Method Commuter Student Services
Attending Classes
Week 4 Help is available You need to know that the biggest mistake most students make is not taking advantage of the resources the University provides.  Find them; use them.' Text books and college reading Study Strategy Tools

Learning Enhancement Center

LEC/Writing Center Voucher

Working with your course instructor (s)


Parent and Family Weekend September 19-21, 2014
Organizing Notes


UT Policy on Academic Dishonesty 

Tutoring Schedules UT Crisis Guide
how to study
Preparing for Tests/Exams Examination Schedule UT Counseling Center
Week 5


First Class Meeting

Second Class Meeting

'We don't need
a melting point in this country, folks. We need
a salad bowl.
In a salad bowl, you put in the different things. You want the vegetables
- the lettuce,
the cucumbers, the onions, the green peppers
- to maintain their identify. Your appreciate differences.' -Jane Elliot

Exploring Differences: Thoughts and Ideas, People, Places and Things  

UT: A Culture of Diversity

Diversity Voucher

Office of Excellence and Multicultural Student Success

Banned Book Week

Banned Book Voucher


Center for International Studies and Programs

Request a presentation.

Catherine S. Eberly Center for Women Trouble Shooting Life's Challenges
Week 6 Advising 'Your advisor should be your best friend.'    College Specific Utilization of Class Time
Week 7 College
          Get Involved Calendar
Week 8 Wrap Up   Review
Key Points of Preparation
for Success
   College Specific Directives for Continued Success
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