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Transfer Programs of Study

Below you will find a list of popular/select transfer programs of study to help serve as guides to a bachelor's degree at The University of Toledo.

These transfer programs of study can prepare you to continue your studies at a UT.

Please note that these programs of study are subject to change.

Your official plan of study will be the term you enroll at UT and that term's catalog will outline the requirements for the program/major.

 Monroe Community College   Terra State Community College   Owens Community College 
Biology Biology Biology
Bioengineering Bioengineering Bioengineering
Communications Communications Communications
Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Health Care Administration
Health Care Administration Mechanical Engineering Technology Mechanical Engineering Technology
Pre-Social Work Pre Business Pre-Business
Course List for Monroe Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Nursing
  Pre-Social Work Pre-Pharmacy
  Special Education Pre-Social Work
  Course List for Terra Sociology
     Special Education
    Course List for Owens
Cuyahoga Community College  Northwest State 
Community College
Bioengineering Accounting  
Communications Bioengineering
Course List for Cuyahoga Community College
   Course List for Northwest State   

If the major you are considering is not on this list, you can refer to to see all of the UT programs of study and their requirements

Transfer Program Curricula

The transfer programs of study are suggested program of study and would not be appropriate for every student. Students should always consult with an academic advisor in choosing courses best suited to the student's needs and abilities.

Transfer Credit Evaluation:  Information and process on the evaluation of transfer credit.

At The University of Toledo we strive to give students the best evaluation for their transfer work. No matter what major you pursue, we are here to help you reach your goal of graduation.

Questions regarding transferring to The University of Toledo may be sent to

Last Updated: 10/30/18