Student Services

What is a Degree Audit Report?

The Degree Audit Report (DAR) is an electronically generated report that provides information about degree requirements for specific majors and minors. In addition, the DAR takes course information from a student's transcript in order to show how courses the student has taken at UT (or transferred from another institution) are used toward meeting degree requirements.

How do I get a Degree Audit Report? Students may access Degree Audit Reports on the UT Web For Students or may obtain them at the College of Arts and Sciences Student Services office by presenting a picture ID.

How often should I get a Degree Audit Report? In order to track their progress toward degree completion, students shold obtain a current DAR each time they register for classes or make significant changes to their schedules. Students should take a current DAR to each appointment with their faculty adviser.

Will my transfer credit appear on the Degree Audit Report? Transfer credit for students who are seeking a first baccalaureate degree and were admitted winter quarter 1997 or later will appear on the DAR.

Transfer credit for students who were admitted to UT prior to winter quarter 1997 will not appear on the DAR.

Transfer credit for students who have earned a first baccalaureate degree from an institution other than UT will not appear on the DAR.

Students who need assistance determining the applicability of transfer credit not appearing on the DAR should contact the college office to make an appointment with the transfer adviser in the Student Services office.

What if my Degree Audit Report appears to be incorrect? Students who notice a possible error on the DAR should write a brief description of the problem and their phone number and/or e-mail address on the DAR and leave the DAR at the college office. A staff member will investigate the issue and contact the student.
Last Updated: 6/9/16