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How can I delete a low grade from my GPA?

A student who has earned a C-, D+, D, D- or F in a course may repeat the same course to attempt to get a higher grade. If the student earns a C or higher grade in the repeated course, the student may petition to have the first grade excluded from the grade point average (GPA) computation. The original course will remain on the student’s transcript, but the transcript will show that the original grade has been deleted from the grade point average. No more than a total of 12 semester hours or 16 quarter hours of course work may be deleted. The policy applies ONLY to the first recorded grade of C- or below in a course which a student has repeated.

Can I use the grade deletion policy to repeat a course I took at another educational institution? No. The grade deletion policy applies only to courses that were originally taken at UT and are repeated at UT.

What if the course I want to repeat is no longer offered at The University of Toledo? If UT no longer offers the course the student wants to repeat, the student should seek information from the Arts and Sciences Student Services office about whether or not it will be possible to substitute another similar course.

Can I petition for grade deletion after I have graduated? After students have completed a degree, they have one semester following the awarding of the degree in which to petition for grade deletions. Petitions for grade deletions will not be accepted after that time.

What is the process for petitioning for grade deletion?

Students who wish to use the grade deletion policy should take the following steps:

Retake the same course, and earn a C or better.

Obtain a grade deletion form from the Arts and Sciences Student Services office. Or click here to print the form.

Fill out the student section of the grade deletion form and take the form to the department that teaches the course. The department will verify that the low grade earned in the original course was not the result of academic dishonesty.

Return the grade deletion form to the Arts and Sciences Student Services office for approval and processing.

Last Updated: 6/9/16