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Student Services: Serving the Colleges of
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Adam Hintz, Director for Student Services

Adam is a two-time graduate of The University of Toledo, earning a B.A. in Communication and a M.Ed. in Higher Education. He joined UT as a full-time staff member in January of 2006 as a Recruiter/Advisor in what was then the College of Arts and Sciences. In 2011, Adam began working in New Student Orientation Programs at The University of Toledo, serving as the Assistant Director and eventually the Director in that office.  Adam is a married father of two beautiful daughters (undoubtedly future Rockets).

Adam oversees the operation of the Student Services office, directs the work of staff as outlined in their job descriptions, and provides support and training for faculty advisors.  He makes decisions related to petitions, policies, suspension, readmission, waivers and substitutions.  He keeps records of academic dishonesty cases, hears some student grievances and appeals, and maintains records of their disposition.  Adam also maintains documentation of the curriculum and course approval process for Arts and Letters and NSM.  

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Jennifer Ramos, Secretary for Student Services

Jennifer has been working in the Student Services office since 2001.  She earned her BA in Telecommunications from Bowling Green State University in 1996 and is currently enrolled in the Masters of Liberal Arts degree program at UT.  Jennifer resides in Bowling Green with her husband and two children.

Jennifer is responsible for managing the Student Services Office.  She assists students, faculty, and staff at the front counter and on the phones.  Jennifer schedules appointments, prepares appointment materials, gives course overrides (when appropriate), makes referrals, removes holds, trains, schedules, and supervises student workers, processes forms, sorts and distributes mail, maintains master schedule for the office, prepares monthly and yearly change of major reports, oversees equipment maintenance and monitors and orders office supplies, develops and produces forms, brochures, newsletters, invitations, and advising and orientation materials, does Rocket Launch prep, prepares printed materials used by advisors and students, maintains office manual, prepares Dean’s List Certificates, sends suspension and probation letters and runs a variety of different reports relating to office functions.  Jennifer is also responsible for updating the Academic Dishonesty list and approves all GPA recalculation for the two colleges.  Jennifer can help with questions regarding policies and procedures pertaining to GPA recalculations, admission, readmission, and changes in programs and catalog years.  Feel free to contact Jennifer with questions regarding any of the above. 


College Advisors

Jackie Kosier, First Year Advisor for Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Jackie joined the University of Toledo in May 2016. She attended Morehead State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a concentration in Criminology. In 2010 she graduated from Western Michigan University with her Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Prior to coming to the university, Jackie worked as an academic advisor at Owens Community college.

As an academic advisor at the University of Toledo, Jackie's primary responsibility is advising undergraduates within the College of Natural Science and Mathematics. Specifically, she advises undeclared, change of college, prospective, and readmitting students. Jackie administers graduation progress evaluations and clears students for graduation. In addition, she teaches the section of NSM 1000 for undeclared students and calculates athletic eligibility for NSM athletes. Jackie is also involved with recruitment efforts for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Jackie is dedicated to helping students understand their course selection and registration, read their degree audit, career exploration, make educated decisions, and be engaged to allow for a successful academic career.


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Tess Newlove, First Year Advisor for Arts and Letters

Tess Newlove is a native of Northwest Ohio. She attended Bowling Green State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master of Public Administration. As an academic advisor at the University of Toledo, Tess is dedicated to helping students understand their options, make educated decisions, and be engaged, self-sufficient, successful and happy students.

Tess serves students on behalf of the College of Arts and Letters. She assists students with course selection, career/major exploration, understanding college requirements, and teaches an AL 1000 Orientation course.  Tess also processes and advises change of college students, readmits, and prospective high school students. She also plans and implements AL recruiting events, and calculates athletic eligibility for AL student athletes. That said, the undergraduate experience is more than just going to class. Tess invites you to her office to discuss how to make your undergraduate career as robust as possible. Explore opportunities to get involved on campus, in the community, in the nation’s capital and in another country.

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Sharon Schnarre, Pre-Med/Pre-Dent/Pre-Vet Program Advisor

Sharon works with all populations of students (New DHS, new transfer, honors, continuing students, change of college) from across all colleges who plan on attending medical, dental, optometry, podiatry, veterinary medical, chiropractic, or Physician Assistant Programs.

For new DHS, new transfer, and change of college students, she explains the admissions requirements for the professional program of interest, explains degree requirements, and helps them with their initial semester schedules.  Students with declared academic majors are referred to the major advisor for future advising on course selections/degree requirements.  Students who are undecided and coded with a concentration in PMED, PDEN, or PVET are seen by Sharon for advising until they declare their majors at which time they are referred to the major advisor.

For all students in this program, Sharon helps with long-term academic planning as it relates to completing the necessary professional school requirements, timing of the professional admissions exam, and timing of the applications.  Her expectation of students is that they meet with their major advisors for academic advising/planning as it relates to their major and completion of their degree requirements.  Honors students are expected to meet with their Departmental Honors advisor to ensure completion of the honors requirements.  Departmental advisers can assist Sharon by reminding their advisees of the importance of meeting with her on a regular basis to review their progress towards completing the professional program requirements and to discuss other issues relevant to building their profile for applying to professional schools (extra-curricular activities, shadowing, leadership, research, and volunteer experiences).

Additional duties include  recruitment of DHS and transfer students through individual appointment and Open House programs; helping students with their professional school applications including writing recommendation letters, collecting recommendation letters from faculty/others, and mailing recommendation packets to the professional schools; handling the selection of recipients of the Pmed/Pden/Pvet program scholarships, and coordinating the application process for the Baccalaureate/MD Program and the UT/Case Program.


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Michelle Sullivan, First Year Advisor for Arts and Letters

Michelle is a UT grad and majored in Theatre and English.  She earned her Master’s Degree in Theatre from Illinois State University.  She is a married mother of 2.

Michelle is responsible for advising students in the College of Arts and Letters (AL) including General Studies and undecided AL undergraduates.  She assists students with course selection, career/major exploration, understanding college requirements, and teaches a 1000 Orientation course.  In addition, she processes and advises change of college students, readmits, and prospective high school students. She also plans and implements AL recruiting events and calculates athletic eligibility for AL student athletes.


 Department Professional Advisors


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Lisa Bollman, Academic Advisor for Department of Communication

Lisa provides academic advising for students pursuing their Bachelor of Arts degree in either Communication or Media Communication.  In addition to course selection and registration, she helps students understand general university and college requirements, read and understand a degree audit, evaluate and elect changes in catalog term and major/minor/career exploration.  She calculates athletic eligibility for athletes pursuing a degree from the Department of Communication, teaches the college orientation course for Communication majors, assists with developing degree check sheets and course sequencing; implements intervention programs for probationary students during their first year, and works to ensure the accuracy of degree audit reports/enters program exceptions.  She also assists students majoring in the Communication field with obtaining and earning academic credit for internship experiences. 

Feel free to contact Lisa for assistance or information regarding the academic programs in the Department of Communication.


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Alexandria Harris, Academic Advisor for Department of Psychology

Alexandria Harris is a Toledo native that earned a BA in Psychology from University of Toledo in 2006 and a Masters of Organizational Leadership from Lourdes University in 2011. She has been an academic advisor here at the University of Toledo since Fall 2015. Before coming to the University of Toledo, Alexandria worked at Owens Community College for several years in the Office of Student Success. In those leadership roles, she was responsible for managing the New Student Orientation program and the Gateway to College program which allowed her to assist students in not only entering college but ensuring they were equipped with the resources and connections for success and achieving their academic goals.

As the Psychology departmental advisor, Alexandria is responsible for guiding student as they pursue a bachelor’s degree in the field of Psychology. Alexandria advises students on degree and program requirements, track students’ academic progress, work with probation students to improve academic performance, assist with internships and making sure students have an optimal educational experience.

Overall, Alexandria is a very supportive and informed advisor passionate about the field of Psychology, helping others access education and achieve success while discovering individual strengths and untapped potential.

 amanda sm

Amanda Seabolt, Academic Advisor for Department of Biological Sciences

Amanda Seabolt is a native of Northwest Ohio, and has earned all of her degrees at the University of Toledo. She is an alumnus of the program she advises for, as she earned her B.S. in Biology in 2009.  Following that she earned her MPH in Epidemiology in 2010, and a MSN in 2013.  Currently, she is writing her dissertation toward a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, expected to be completed in Spring 2017. Prior to starting as an advisor for the Department of Biological Sciences, she worked in the Student Affairs Office for UT’s College of Medicine as an assistant director. 

Amanda’s primary responsibility is advising undergraduates within the Department of Biology. Specifically, Amanda works with students in both the B.A. and B.S. in biology, as well as Medical Technology students and is the honors advisor for the department.  Amanda also advises academic probation students on study strategies and those students in all parts of the degree on course selection and progression to graduation. In addition, Amanda teaches two honors sections of NSM 1000 for biological sciences students and calculates athletic eligibility for biology and medical technology athletes.  She is also involved with recruitment efforts for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and the Department. Her office is located in Wolfe Hall 1235K.

Feel free to contact Amanda with questions about degree requirements, degree audit (inaccuracies, substitutions, or course waivers), graduation progress evaluations, placement tests, or academic probation. 

Last Updated: 8/9/18