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Students who have not taken the ACT or SAT test are required to complete the ACT/COMPASS test in three areas - Mathematics, Reading, and Writing Skills. The ACT/COMPASS will help to evaluate a student’s academic skill levels; it is NOT a substitution for placement testing. Students are required to complete UT placement tests in addition to the COMPASS test.  The ACT/COMPASS test may be taken at any certified ACT/COMPASS testing site.

UT Test Center

The UT Test Center, along with the testing centers at many community colleges, is a registered test site. A student may walk in and take the ACT/COMPASS here at the UT Test center during normal operating hours; no appointment needed.  The UT Test Center is located in the Field House, Room 1080Test hours are M-F, 9am-4pm; please be sure to allow between 2-5 hours for completion of the COMPASS test. Time permitting, completion of the UT placement tests may also be accomplished during the same visit.  The cost of all three COMPASS tests at The University of Toledo is $25.  The Test Center accepts payment in the form of check of money order only; cash and credit card are NOT accepted

Testing at a Remote Testing Site 

A student who is unable to take the ACT/COMPASS test here at the University must call the UT Test Center (419.530.3266) to register as a UT student prior to taking the test at any of the certified ACT/COMPASS locations.  Once the registration is complete, an informational email is sent to the student’s personal email address (Hotmail, gmail, etc.), telling them how to schedule their appointment and giving them payment information. The cost of the test at alternative locations can range from $25 to $45 and is determined by each center. The student will be responsible to pay for the costs of the test. The link for locating sites is:

The ACT/COMPASS test is an untimed test. Sample test questions are available on the ACT Compass web site.


The mathematics test is a multiple choice test; an on-screen calculator is provided by ACT. The student will self-select between Pre-Algebra, Algebra, College Algebra based on the guidelines provided on the screen.   As the student begins to answer the mathematics questions, the questions adapt to the student’s mathematics abilities. At the end of the test, students receive a printout of the test scores and will be directed to take it to their advisors. A student may repeat the mathematics test based on the diagnostic feedback from the test. 


The reading test is a multiple choice test which consists of passages from the social sciences and humanities.

Writing Skills       

The writing skills test is a multiple-choice test that requires students to find and correct errors in essays in the areas of usage and mechanics such as basic grammar, punctuation and sentence structure

Last Updated: 6/26/15