Office of New Student Orientation Programs

Placement Tests for Transfer Students

Which placement tests do you need to take?

Please contact your admitted college at the numbers listed here to determine which placement tests you will need to complete.

When should you take the placement tests?

You need to take placement tests BEFORE you are advised and/or attend orientation. No appointments are needed; however, each test lasts approximately 45 minutes. Please plan accordingly.

Where can you take placement tests?

Placement tests can be taken in the Memorial Field House, Room 1080. The ALEKS math and chemistry placement tests can be taken online (more information below).

For Testing Center Hours, please click here.

Please bring a valid form of picture identification, your UTAD username/password and your Rocket Number, with you to the Test Center.

If you have any questions regarding placement tests, please call your college. Click here for college contact information. 


Mathematics Placement Tests
All baccalaureate degrees at UT require at least one mathematics course. The major you plan to pursue, your math ACT or SAT score, and/or the score(s) from your mathematics placement test(s) will be used by your adviser to determine your first mathematics course.

The University of Toledo provides incoming students with an innovative and convenient option to complete placement testing in mathematics.

ALEKS is an online system that uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately assess student knowledge. It can be accessed on any computer with internet access that meets the system requirements.

To learn more about ALEKS for math placement, click here.

After reading about ALEKS for math placement, you can click here to login, provide payment, and begin testing.

There is a non-refundable $25 fee (payable by credit card) to take the math placement test.  Internet Explorer will NOT support the ALEKS placement test.  Please select a different browser when taking the ALEKS placement test.  

Foreign Language Placement Test
If you have one or more years of foreign language from high school, take the placement test in that language if you intend to continue it in college. The test covers grammatical structures, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

French, German, Japanese, Latin, and Spanish foreign language placement tests can be completed at the Test Center (Field House, Room 1080).  Other languages such as Arabic and Chinese must be scheduled through the Foreign Language Department.

Chemistry Placement Test
If the curriculum of your major requires you to complete CHEM 1230, General Chemistry I, in most cases you will be required to take a chemistry placement test.  Exceptions occur if you have an AP Chemistry score of 3 or higher, transfer credit equivalent to CHEM 1090 or CHEM 1230 at UT, or if you have not completed any high school chemistry course. 

If you have not completed at least a year of high school chemistry you will enroll in CHEM 1090, Elementary Chemistry before taking CHEM 1230.

Details of the two available tests are described in a handout found HERE

There is no fee for the ALEKS Chemistry Placement Test. After reading the Chemistry Placement test document, and reviewing your chemistry knowledge, if you wish to take the ALEKS Chemistry Placement Exam click on this button to begin: BEGIN.

Chemistry for Health Sciences Placement Exam

If your major or program (*Nursing and Respiratory Care ONLY*) requires you to complete CHEM 1120, Chemistry for Health Sciences, you will be required to take a chemistry placement exam.  Exemptions occur if you meet one of the following criteria:  a) you have transfer credit equivalent for CHEM 1110 or 1120 at UT, or b) have not completed any high school chemistry course.

If you have not completed at least a year of high school chemistry, you will be enrolled in CHEM 1110 – Elementary Chemistry for the Health Sciences.

The placement exam for CHEM 1120 is offered only at the Main Campus Testing Center in Memorial Field House.  The exam – which is taken on a special, lock-down browser – consists of 60 multiple choice questions that test your knowledge in basic algebra and high-school chemistry.  You will have 55 minutes to take this exam, and you may use a non-programmable scientific calculator (will be provided through the online exam) and scratch paper.  There is no fee to take this exam, but you will be able to take the exam only one time.  Sample questions can be found here.

Scoring for the Exam:

Your score on the exam is based on the number of questions scored correct (out of 100%):

  • If you score 55% or higher, you will be taking CHEM 1120.
  • If you score between 50 – 55%, you are STRONGLY URGED to take CHEM 1110 in order to strength your chemistry skills before taking CHEM 1120.
  • If you score below 49%, you will be taking CHEM 1110.

If you have any questions about the exam, or your score interpretation, please contact Prof. Jim Zubricky at

Practice for Chemistry Placement Test
The Chemistry Department provides information and a few practice questions on its website. It is strongly recommended that you answer the practice questions before attempting the placement test.

If you have any questions regarding placement tests, please call an academic adviser in your college.

Last Updated: 3/17/17