Office of New Student Orientation Programs

Changes in College Major


If you want to change your major, please inform the Office of Undergraduate Admission at 419.530.8888 or 800.5TOLEDO BEFORE registering for an orientation date. Orientation advising is done by academic colleges, and your orientation date and required placement tests may change based on the new major you select.


Once UT has received your official transcripts from all of the institutions you have attended, your college adviser will evaluate your transfer coursework. Once evaluated, you will be be able to view your degree audit under My Records on the Student tab in the myUT Portal. This information will be used to determine what remaining coursework must be completed at UT in order to earn your degree.

If some of your courses were in progress when you were admitted to UT, please have your previous institution send a final transcript with the grades you earned for your last term as soon as possible to the UT Office of Undergraduate Admission:

The University of Toledo 
Office of Undergraduate Admission
Mail Stop 338
Toledo, Ohio 43606

If you have earned non-traditional credit such as Military, ACE, DANTES, etc., please have the official documents sent to the UT Office of Undergraduate Admission so that the appropriate credit can be given.

If you have taken CLEP or Advanced Placement (AP) tests, please have the official documents sent to the UT Office of Undergraduate Admission.

If you are currently in your first term of college classes, or taking courses at another institution at the time of attending orientation, you will need to provide your class schedule, ACT or SAT scores, and Advanced Placement scores (if applicable) to your admitted college for placement and advising purposes.

Last Updated: 9/18/18