Parking Enforcement Office

The University of Toledo Parking Enforcement Office

Our Parking System is currently up and running.  



The Public Safety Department (419.530.4100) is responsible for following up on all parking tickets issued at UT.

Our offices works to identify the responsible parties for the listed violations, and proceeds with collections efforts, which include billing, journalizing, and, in severe circumstances, the immobilization and towing of vehicles, and even reporting scofflaws to the Office of the Ohio Attorney General for collection.


Please click here for more information regarding ticket appeals


 Please know that these are not valid excuses for appealing a ticket: 

1)  If you do not have a front license plate, your license plate must be facing toward the aisle when parked

2)  "My friend drove my vehicle and he/she did not know where to park" 

3)  "I was running late and there were no spots available" 

4)  "My friend/parents were coming to visit me and they did not know where to park" 

5)  "I was unloading my car" 

6)  "I forgot to update my permit" 

7)  "I didn't know we had to buy a new permit for every semester" 

8)  "I didn't know we needed  a permit for summer" 

9)  "I thought I could park wherever after 4 pm" 

10)  "I thought you could park anywhere on weekends, including Fridays" 

11) "I'm appealing this ticket because I get three ticket voids a semester" - The first warning on each offense PER YEAR can be voided.  An individual does not get all three of the same violation taken away.  

           For example: if all three tickets are failure to register within the same year,  the first one can be voided and the other two will remain.  This is per academic year... so August 2013- August 2014, for example. 


Parking Tips For Health Science Campus (map)

With the relocation of the College of Pharmacy to the Health Science campus, the demand for parking at HSC has increased. UT Police has produced a map and tip sheet to help educate people unfamiliar with HSC about available parking and the tunnel system. Please park in area 46, near the Dana Conference Center and use the tunnels to get to any building on campus! Just click here for a PDF of the map and tip sheet.


Last Updated: 3/7/16