Parking Enforcement Office

Key Points

Key Points about the UT Parking Policy

(Motor vehicles, traffic, and parking policy #3364-61-01)

1) Parking Areas: All areas are signed before entering the area and signs are on light posts designating what permits are allowed in that area.

2) Colors of Parking Lines:     Blue = Handicap Parking

                                               Orange = Gold Permit Only

                                               Yellow = Faculty/Staff Parking

                                               White = Student Parking

                                               (NOTE: Faculty and staff may park in both yellow and white-lined spaces).

3) Handicap Parking: Persons with a valid handicap placard as well as a UT permit may park in any area designated as handicap parking. Students, if the handicap parking is filled in the lot closest to their destination then they may park in the closest unreserved parking space after visiting the Transportation Center for placard verification.

4) Appeals Process: Appeals may be submitted online. Person has 30 days from time ticket was issued to submit appeal. If first appeal decision is not desirable then a second appeal may be submitted. First appeal is decided upon by Appeals Officer. Second appeal decision is made by the Appeals Committee and the appealer can personally meet with the board.

5) Immobilizations: Two or more tickets that are 45 days or older or fines totaling $250 or more. Faculty and Staff – Letters will be sent to Department Heads before the car is immobilized (booted).

6) Responsibility: Any citation received on the University is the responsibility of the registered owner.  

Immediate family or legal guardians of students and/or faculty/staff are not visitors and are considered to be part of the University community.

7) Journalization (Student Accounts): Any ticket 45 days or older not under appeal. Sent to same bill as their tuition.

8) Collections (non-student accounts): Any tickets 61 days or older. Goes to the University's Loans and Collections Department for 6 more months. After 6 months tickets are turned over to the Ohio Attorney General’s office. Credit rating will be affected.

Last Updated: 7/31/17