Parking Enforcement Office

Fine Schedule

Parking Enforcement Office -- Fine Schedule

This fine schedule is an addendum to part D(7)(a) of the University of Toledo Parking Regulations. Items highlighted in yellow (moving violations) can only be written by University police officers.



1  No permit / failure to acquire valid permit $50
2  Failure to display valid permit $25
3  Failure to display valid permit $25
4  Parked or driving on grass or landscaped area $35*
5  Parked or driving on sidewalk $35
6  Parked on crosswalk or curb cut $35
7  Parked in reserved lot without proper permit $35
8  Failure to park within lines $25
9  Failure to observe posted parking restrictions $35
10  Illegally parked in handicapped space $250
11  Illegally parked in reserved space $35
12  Illegally parked in visitor space $25
13  Parked in fire lane $55
14  Parked in no parking or tow away zone $35
15  Parked in roadway $35
16  Parked in car pool space $35
18  Failure to obey an officer’s signal $80
19  Failure to obey stop sign or other traffic control device $80
20  Removal of violation ticket from other than own vehicle $55
21  Parking in excess of posted time limits $25
22  Parking in metered space when time expired $25
23  Displaying an unauthorized, counterfeit, or fraudulent permit $125
24  Failure to pay parking fee in pay lot $30
25  Failure to obey limits of special permit $25
26  Reckless operation $105
27  Speeding – driving 1 to 19 mph above the posted limit $80
28  Speeding – driving 20 mph or more above the posted limit $105

* This fine is separate from any cost assessed by the University Grounds department to repair any damaged caused by the violator.

Violations of 18, 19, 26, 27, and 28, may be resolved under either the regulations of the University of Toledo, the ordinances of the City of Toledo, or the laws of the State of Ohio, at the discretion of the officer. The officer’s decision shall be based upon the circumstances of the violation, and cannot be appealed. The selection of one course of action by the officer shall rule out the others. The summons itself may be appealed through the appropriate appeals procedure; the Parking Appeals Officer for a University summons; or the Toledo Municipal Court for a State Uniform Traffic Affidavit.
Last Updated: 6/9/16