Parking Enforcement Office

Ticket Appeals


If you know the ticket number, you may appeal your University of Toledo parking citation online.

Prior to appealing your University Parking ticket, please read the following:


  • Appeal decisions can take up to a few months.  Once an appeal has been submitted, all fines owed (for the ticket under appeal) are placed on hold until the outcome has been posted.
  • Appeals are only to be submitted if you believe the ticket was issued in error.  Disagreements with the rules and regulations are not seen as a valid appeal. 
  • Appeals submitted in all CAPS will not be considered.
  • A parking permit is not a guarantee of a parking space close to your building. The driver is responsible for finding a VALID parking spot.
  • The right to appeal a citation is forfeited if an appeal is not filed within 30 calendar days of the date of violation. One citation per appeal form.
  • If your ticket was posted to your UT account, you are responsible for validating the outcome of your first and second appeal, through your myparking account (MyParking).  
  • Please email if you do not know your ticket number.  Please include the license plate number of the vehicle that received the ticket.
  • Handwritten tickets received in 2018, please put the letter "W" in front of the ticket number

Appeal submissions for the following violations  will not be considered.

  •  Expired Meter
  • Illegally parked in a reserved space
  • Failure to Register - if registration was not active at the time of the violation

If the ticket is in your name, please click here if you are a student, faculty, or staff member, and want to appeal a parking ticket: 



Please click here if you are a guest or visitor, or your ticket is under the registered owners name and you'd like to appeal a parking ticket: 


Last Updated: 6/21/18