Parking Services

2017 FAQ's


A number of modifications have been made to The University of Toledo’s parking system that will become effective beginning fall semester 2017. To help answer questions you may have, please review the following information.

 1.      Why have changes been made to UT parking for 2017-18?

  • A new system is being implemented in response to feedback obtained from faculty, staff and students on a transportation survey conducted in December 2016.
  • These modifications will move the University toward a more equitable parking system for students, faculty and staff.
  • They also are designed to help alleviate congestion on our campuses, as well as maintain our parking lots/decks and promote greener methods of transportation.
  • Except for student permits and rates covered by collective bargaining agreements, parking rates have increased as the University moves toward a more equitable pricing system.
  • Please note that this is the first time UT parking rates have increased in more than a decade, and parking is an auxiliary service that cannot be subsidized by state funding; therefore, these increases will help UT to maintain its aging parking structures and surface lots.

 2.      What are some of the changes being made to parking for 2017-18?

  • With the exception of student permits and rates covered by collective bargaining agreements, parking rates have increased as the University moves toward a more equitable pricing system for students, faculty and staff.
  • Faculty and staff may use pre-tax dollars to pay for their parking permits if they choose payroll deduction when registering; this lowers the net amount paid.
  • When you register, all drivers will be required to print a permit confirmation that they are to display on their dashboard whenever parking on UT property
  • You may register one vehicle, although you can store multiple vehicles in your online profile, making it easy to switch between vehicles on any given day.
  • A new registration webpage has been developed that is mobile-friendly to provide you with a smooth interface with your smart phone, as well as any other digital devices you may use.

 3.      When does my current permit expire?

  • Current parking permits for faculty, staff and students expire on Friday, Aug. 4, 2017.

 4.      When should I register for fall semester parking?

  • All UT faculty, staff and UT Foundation members may register beginning Sat., Aug. 5.
  • Students’ permit reservations opened on July 10. Beginning Wednesday, Aug. 23, students may log on to and print their permit confirmation to verify their permit type.
  • Failure to register your vehicle and/or park in a lot appropriate for your permit type (e.g., A, C, U, etc.) will result in a ticket. Beginning Aug. 24, tickets issued to unregistered vehicles cannot be appealed.

 5.      How do I register?

  • Register online via the myUT portal or at (beginning Aug. 5, 2017). Log in with your UTAD and password.
  • You will need to have your license plate number and vehicle information available.
  • Based on a student’s earned credit hours and/or housing, or your employment classification, you will be issued the appropriate permit when you register online, plus notified where your permit type is valid to park.
  • For 2017-18, the permit registration webpage has a new design and, therefore, the process is somewhat new compared to the previous registration process.
  • Therefore, when you log in, simply follow the prompts to obtain your parking permit. If you need assistance, please refer to the step-by-step parking instruction guide available on the webpage.
  • When you register, you will be asked to print a permit confirmation. You must keep the parking confirmation on your dashboard whenever you park on UT property, including whenever you transfer vehicles. This is new in 2017-18.

 6.      What is the new permit confirmation and why is it important?

  • New in 2017-18, the permit confirmation is a document that you will be asked to print when you register your vehicle online.
  • This permit confirmation is to be displayed on your vehicle’s dashboard whenever you park on UT property.
  • You may refer to your permit confirmation and see permit type on signage before parking in order to ensure you are parking in a lot approved for your permit type.
  • It provides a secondary method to ensure you are registered and parked in an appropriate lot. This change is in response to many requests from University students, faculty and staff so they can notify parking services if someone is parked without a permit or in a wrong lot.

 7.      What are the different types of permits and their fees?

  • After logging in to your parking account via the myUT portal or, the appropriate fee will automatically be displayed for your specific profile.
  • Parking permit rates for 2017-18 are:
    • “A” permits (faculty and staff), $150 annually;
    • “U” permits (faculty and staff), collective bargaining agreement rates*;
    • “E/G” permits (executives and physicians), $225 annually;
    • “E-reserved” permits (executives), $400 annually;
    • Student permits, $125 per semester; and
    • Freshman residential (Scott Park, Lot 21), $100 per semester.


  • Faculty and staff represented by collective bargaining agreements* may choose to upgrade to an “A” permit and park in an A lot or maintain their current collective bargaining agreement rates by using the following lots:
    • Main Campus – Lots 18, 25 and 28;
    • Health Science Campus – Lots 44B, 44E, 46, 51, 55
    • Scott Park Campus – Lot 22.


  • Individuals with a valid state disability placard and a “U” permit type may park in a disabled accessible marked parking space in any parking lot. However, if all disabled parking spaces are occupied, individuals with a “U” permit are required to park in any available space in “U” lots.

 8.      How will payroll deduction work for faculty and staff?

  • Faculty and staff may choose to pay for their permit using payroll deduction.
  • Your permit through payroll deduction will use pre-taxed dollars, reducing the net amount you pay for parking, based upon an individual’s tax bracket.
    • For example, payroll deduction for the general “A” type of permit at $150 will be $5.77 over 26 paychecks; however, with pre-tax payroll deduction, the net paycheck amount would be less, based on each person’s tax bracket.
  • Payroll deduction will begin with your Sept. 1, 2017 paycheck if you purchase your parking permit before Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017.
  • Permits purchased on or after Aug. 24, 2017 will be spread evenly among the remaining number of your paychecks.
  • Payroll deduction for nine- and 12-month faculty will be consistent with benefit deductions as prescribed in their contract.
  • Employees with collective bargaining agreement rates may purchase an “A” permit type for $150. Payroll deduction timing for these employees will be consistent with benefit deductions as prescribed in their contract.

 9.      What about parking at Gateway (near the corner of Dorr Street and Secor Road)?

  • Gateway residents’ parking is located in Lot 25. Gateway residents are required to register their vehicles and display their permit confirmation on the vehicle’s dashboard whenever they park on any UT property.
  • Gateway retail parking is identified as Lot 25G and striped with green space markers. Gateway retail parking serves retail customers only, and this area is monitored by parking services. Parking is enforced for this area.

 10.  How do I avoid parking fines?

  • Register your vehicle before Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017.
  • Students, faculty and staff are required to park in lots identified by the permit type on the permit confirmation.
  • Customer parking – identified as retail, patient, visitor or guest parking – is not included as approved parking for any permit type.
  • Parking spaces identified as “Reserved” are not open to general parking at any time.
  • Vehicles parked in retail, patient, visitor, guest and reserved parking areas are subject to a fine.
  • The parking appeal process does not apply to vehicles parked in any of the above areas or unregistered vehicles parked on campus.

 11.  What if I have additional questions?

Last Updated: 8/23/17