Parking Services

Loading Permits

For purposes of loading or unloading, operators of vehicles properly registered must obtain a special short term loading permit at no charge from the Public Safety Department if they wish to park outside their authorized parking areas.

The loading permit is good for 15 minutes, and the vehicle must be parked in a loading zone or other approved parking space with its four-way flashers operating.

Loading permits do not authorize the holder to park where parking is specifically prohibited or in special use areas (handicapped spaces or individually reserved spaces). Since no other permit allows this privilege, it is necessary to display the Loading Pass.

  1. Loading permits are only to be used by registered affiliate or employee vehicles.
  2. The requestor is the ONLY person who will be able to pick up the pass from the Parking Enforcement Office (Transportation Building Room 1400).
  3. Student staff will not be given loading passes, even upon request by the requestor.
  4. The requestor's photo ID will be required to pick up the loading pass.
  5. The loading pass is to be used to loading and unloading of vehicles only. Any exploitation of the loading pass will result in the loss of the loading permit for the department. At this point, they will need to wait till the beginning of the following year to re-apply.
  6. The permit is valid for current Fiscal Year (July 1st - June 30th). At the end of the fiscal year, the individuals will need to re-submit their application for the upcoming Fiscal Year.
  7. Loading permits are to be used for loading and unloading only
  8. Loading permits are to be used in the designated spaces in the bus loop
  9. Loading permits do not allow you to park in hash marks
  10. Loading permits do not allow you to park on the sidewalk or in the grass
  11. Loading permits are not to be used in fire lanes or tow away zones
  12. Loading permits are not to be used in any Reserved Space
  13. ANY vehicle parked in Centennial Mall for longer than 30 minutes will be subject to a citation

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Last Updated: 7/31/17