Parking Services

Student Parking Permits

2017 Spring Reservations will be available mid-November 

Click Here to Register or Update your Student Parking Permit

You can only secure a parking permit for the upcoming academic semester 24 hours after

you have registered for classes   

 The Current Cost for All Student Parking Permits is $125 per Semester

All student permits are charged directly to the student’s E- statement.

After applying for your primary permit, click on "Apply for a Permit" to apply for a second vehicle permit.

  We are no longer cancelling student parking permits.



Permit assignments for students are based on the term you are requesting the permit for and are assigned based on three components:
-  Earned credit hours at the beginning of a semester
-  Whether you reside on or off campus
-  Program type


Permit Types: 

F Freshman Residential < 30 earned credit hours 

K Freshman Commuter

< 30 earned credit hours
D Upper Class Residential  > 30 earned credit hours
C Upper Class Commuter > 30 earned credit hours
A Graduate Assistant


Student who serves in a paid supportive role

of a professor at the University

T TECHS Student Toledo Early College High School Programs/ Early Learning Program


Permit Cancellations:  Click Here for more information regarding how to cancel your parking permit 



Last Updated: 10/3/16