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Guest Parking Permits


Welcome to the University of Toledo!

All Visitors to the University of Toledo Must Purchase a Guest Parking Permit

Please click here to obtain your Guest/ Mega Bus Permit

Football Stadium

  • Guest Permits are $3.00 per day
  • Guest Permits allows parking in any lot that is not otherwise restricted (equivalent to C Permit)
  • A guest account must be created in order to secure a guest permit  (a UT email will not be applicable)
  • You will be able to secure only 5 consecutive days per permit
  • Payments may be made with a credit card, e-check, or e-savings
  • We are unable to refund guest permits; nor can we change the dates
  • Click here for a tutorial



Additional information regarding Departmental Guest Permits




Campus Parking Maps:

* Main Campus

* Health Science Campus

* Scott Park (Mega Bus)

Parking Rules and Regulations

Contact us with questions at
419-530-5844 or 419-530-4100



Last Updated: 5/29/18