College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Employer's Intern Evaluation

This evaluation should be completed by the immediate supervisor and be based upon your expectations for a professional new to the field.

If you use your own company's evaluation form, please fax the completed form to 419-383-1994.
If you have any difficulty completing/submitting this online form, please download this version and return by fax or email.

Forms will be submitted to:

Mary Jo Borden
Internship Coordinator, Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences Program
The University of Toledo
College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, MS 1014
Toledo, OH 43614

PHONE: 419-383-1948   FAX: 419-383-1994  EMAIL:

Thank you for your candid appraisal of the student's performance throughout the internship. 

Last Updated: 6/9/16