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Inaddition to its broad network of scientists within the international life science arena who participate in an ad hoc manner on a project to project basis, the CD3 hosts a permanent mix of students and senior investigators who, in turn, help to solidify the CD3’s internal infrastructure and overall continuity. For example, the CD3 is presently hosting two undergraduate honors students, two medicinal chemistry graduate students, two postdoctoral Research Assistants, two Research Associate Professors (Dr. Jeffrey Sarver and Dr. Jill Trendel), one Biological Technician (Nicole Bearss), one Professor on sabbatical from another institution, and one part-time UT Emeritus Professor. Alternatively, by intent, the CD3’s administration is kept trim, essentially operating under the guidance of a single Director who is supported by the Research Associate Professors.

Depending upon the portfolio of active projects, sabbatical and postdoctoral positions across a wide-range of life science-related areas become available on a periodic basis. Interested applicants should send a cover letter indicating their research interests accompanied by a curriculum vitae to the attention of the Director, CD3. Receipt of such submissions will be acknowledged and maintained for a period of one-year during which time they will be applied toward any appropriate positions that may become available.

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Last Updated: 6/30/19