College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

DATE:     Saturday, May 6, 2017

TIME:      10:00 AM (graduates arrive by 9:15 AM)

WHERE:  John F. Savage Arena

Pharmacy Graduation Guide

This is the only College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences commencement.
Candidates should begin lining up 45 minutes prior to start of ceremony.

More student information

Summer Candidates
Graduates for Summer 2016 and Fall 2016 are invited to participate in the UT College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Spring Commencement ceremony. If you plan to walk at spring commencement, please email as soon as possible. Always apply to graduate for the term in which degree requirements will be completed regardless of which commencement ceremony you attend.

Academic Regalia and Announcements

Academic Regalia for all students is available for purchase from the University Bookstore. Information from the University Bookstore about obtaining a cap and gown for graduation is available by clicking the following link: Cap and Gown.  If you have questions about regalia or announcements, please contact the bookstore at (419) 530-2516.


Admission to the ceremony does not require a ticket; however, seating is on a first come, first served basis. Ushers will be available to direct guests to seats offering the best view of a particular degree.

Accessibility Concerns

Seating areas are available for guests who use wheelchairs, with family seating in nearby seats. Please notify Cynthia Tierney at no later than May 1st if you require accommodation assistance.

An American Sign Language interpreter can be present if you or your guest require this type of accommodation. Contact Cynthia Tierney at  no later than May 1st to request this service.


Hotels and reservations can be found at
Hotel reservations should be made well in advance of commencement.
Local restaurants can be found at

Name Cards

Cards will be printed out according to the information provided on the CPPS RSVP form. Be sure to completely fill out all requested information for your degree. If your name is difficult to pronounce, please write it phonetically on the form to ensure its proper pronunciation at the ceremony.  Cards will be distributed to you before the ceremony at the check-in area.

Each candidate will walk across the stage, hand his/her name card to the announcer, have his/her name read, receive a commemorative diploma case, and be congratulated by the dean and other members of the College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences. Candidates then return to their seats for the remainder of the ceremony.


GradImages is the official commencement photographer for our school.  Your proofs will be ready to view online within 48 hours of the ceremony.  In order to notify you when your images are available, GradImages sends emails and paper proofs by mail, along with optional text message notifications.  Your information is never shared, and privacy is guaranteed.  Preregistering is simply a way to make sure your contact information is up to date with GradImages.  This ensures your complimentary proofs are delivered as quickly as possible.  Although there's never any obligation to order, you will receive a coupon for $5 off any order of $25 or more for your participation.  To preregister for your commencement proofs, please visit

You will be able to view your photos at  Enter your last name, along with University of Toledo and 2016 for the school and year. For more information about the photographs, please call Grad Images at 800-424-3686.

Designated areas will be reserved for family and friends picture taking.  No permanent seating or placement of video cameras is permitted in these areas.  Guests should be courteous and respectful of all those wishing to take photographs.


commencement flowers and t-shirts

Commencement Flowers and T-Shirts will be available at our commencement ceremony for those who would like to purchase flowers to give to the graduate. Anyone can purchase and reserve their flowers ahead of time and have them available for pick-up at our location at commencement. The web address for The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is: Flowers can also be purchased the day of commencement.

They will also be taking orders for T-Shirts with the names of all graduates from the spring and summer class of 2016.

Award Recipients

All awards will be printed in the program with recipients name and award they are receiving. Each award recipient will be recognized and receive their award(s) after they receive their diploma cover. If you are unable to attend commencement, please make arrangements to pick up your award or have it mailed to you.


For PhD/PharmD, the tassel color is GOLD; for all MS and BSPS, the tassel color is OLIVE. During the processional and the ceremony, the tassel should be worn on the front right of the cap to represent a baccalaureate degree candidate. Master's degree tassels are to be worn on the back rightDoctoral degree tassels are worn on the back left. At the conclusion of the ceremony, you will be instructed to move the tassel to a position that represents the newly conferred degree.


For many years, the academic tradition of hooding has been a significant and cherished part of the Commencement Ceremony. During this on-stage ritual, the doctoral or master's hood is placed over the shoulders of the graduates to signify the professional stature attained by advanced degree holders.

Since hooding signifies the progression from student to master, the honor of hooding is customarily reserved for faculty in recognition of their role in the education of the graduates. Faculty and preceptors who hold the doctoral degree and who participated in an individual student’s academic program are eligible to hood a student. 


Undergraduate candidates with an overall GPA of 3.30 or higher are qualified to graduate with scholastic distinction. This GPA is calculated using all undergraduate coursework taken at The University of Toledo and all undergraduate coursework taken at other institutes, as well as any grades deleted or forgiven in accordance with UT’s Board of Trustees approved policies.

No student will be awarded a level of honors above that indicated by The University of Toledo GPA. These averages and the citation they merit are as follows:

            3.3 – cum laude
            3.6 – magna cum laude
            3.9 – summa cum laude

Eligible candidates will be distinguished at the commencement ceremony based on all academic work completed prior to the term preceding commencement and will be notified by mail. Honors cords can be picked up at the Registrar's Office after notification from UT. The actual honors awarded at the time a degree is posted will be based on the final cumulative GPA.

 and Top 10%
Doctor of Pharmacy Program
The Doctor of Pharmacy program valedictorian and Top 10% Awards (end of P4 year) will be determined based on the professional pharmacy required course GPA. This GPA is obtained from the Registrar's Office as the Honor Society or Pharmacy GPA. It will be verified that all required courses are included. If any required courses are not included because of transfer credit (commonly Microbiology), then the GPA will be manually calculated with the appropriate transfer grade included.

BSPS (CS, PTox, MBC, PharmAd, Pharmaceutics combined) Program
The Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences program valedictorian and Top 10% Awards will be determined based on the higher education GPA at the end of December (end of fall semester). Both Fall and Spring graduates will be eligible for the recognition. The higher education GPA will be obtained from the Registrar's Office.

Tips for an Extraordinary Ceremony

  1. Leave personal items like coats and purses with guests. There are no facilities available for storing these items.
    DO NOT LEAVE ITEMS IN HALLWAY. They may not be there after the ceremony ~~~
  2. Arrive early enough to allow adequate time to line up with your classmates. At least 45 minutes before start of ceremony.
  3. Bring any number of guests you wish, but enter Stranahan Theater as a group for efficient seating.
  4. Wear additional academic regalia that correspond with your honor society (for example sash, medal, ribbon, pins, etc.).
  5. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at #UToledoPharmacy and share your perspectives on the ceremony.

What happens after Commencement?

Graduates can expect to receive their diplomas within 30 days following commencement. Diplomas will be mailed to the address reported on the Application for Graduation. Updates to this address can be made by calling the Registrar’s Office at (419) 530-4829 or via email at You may not pick up your diploma directly from the Registrar’s Office unless you have previously requested to do so. The mailing of your diploma will be delayed if there are any holds on your student record (i.e. parking tickets, financial obligations, library fines). In all instances, the awarding of a degree is subject to the completion of degree requirements.


Degrees are typically posted to the transcript record within 30 days of the commencement ceremony. If you order a transcript before your degree is posted to your record, mark the appropriate space on the request form to indicate that the transcript should be sent after the degree is posted.

Contact Information

For questions or comments, please contact Cynthia Tierney at or Dr. Megan Kaun at

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