College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Industrial Pharmacy Faculty

Photo Dr. Boddu

Dr. Sai HanumanSagar Boddu

Dr. Boddu's primary responsibilities include conducting independent and collaborative research, along with mentoring graduate students and teaching in the PharmD and graduate curriculum. He is the director of the M.S. program.

Photo of Dr. Baki

Dr. Gabriella Baki

Dr. Baki develops curriculum and courses for the new Cosmetic Science major of the B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences program.

 Photo Dr. Nesamony

Dr. Jerry Nesamony

Dr. Nesamony's research interests include nanostructured systems and nanoparticulates for drug delivery.

 Photo Dr. Riga

Dr. Alan Riga

Dr. Riga has more than 40 years of continuously expanding professional experience in the field of industrial and forensic science, specifically, in laboratory testing and characterization of materials, pharmaceuticals, and excipients.

Last Updated: 7/12/16