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Robert Bechtol, B.S.P.S., M.S.

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Clinical Assistant Professor
Health Outcomes and Socioeconomic Sciences
Department of Pharmacy Practice

Frederic and Mary Wolfe Center 115E
Curriculum Vitae


  • B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Toledo, 2005 - minor degrees in Business Administration and Chemistry
  • M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacy Health Care Administration), University of Toledo, 2007

Biographical Sketch

Mr. Bechtol began his educational endeavors at the University of Toledo in 2001. During the summer of 2004, he gained valuable experience working as an intern at a non-profit organization in Toledo, Ohio called UMADAOP (Urban Minority Alcoholism Drug Abuse Outreach Programs of Lucas County). As an intern, he recruited local pharmacists to give educational presentations about a wide variety of pharmaceutical issues at various senior citizen sites across Lucas County. He also gave educational presentations himself when local pharmacists were unable to oblige due to scheduling and time constraints.  In 2004, he gave various presentations about the pharmaceutical company Novartis for one of his pharmacy core courses. He also presented on the topic of Drug Labeling and Package Inserts to a class of his peers.  He received his BSPS degree in May 2005. Following graduation, he applied to the Masters program in Pharmacy Health Care Administration at the University of Toledo. 

As a graduate student, Mr. Bechtol worked as a teaching assistant working with the faculty on preparing lectures, setting up equipment for lectures, preparing quiz/exam questions, answering student questions, making sure classes ran as smoothly as possible, and learning about the research process.  Also, as a graduate student, he gave numerous peer-reviewed presentations on topics such as "Internet Pharmacies" and "Comparing the Knowledge of Cultural Competence Across Health-based Professions". Throughout his years of education, he served as vice-president of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Organization, was a student member of APhA-ASP, and a member of the Graduate Student Association at the University of Toledo.  In 2007, he earned a M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a focus in Pharmacy Health Care Administration.  

In January 2008, Mr. Bechtol worked as a research associate for the Center for Pharmaceutical Care and Outcomes Research (PCOR) at The University of Toledo under the direction of Dr. Sharrel Pinto. In this capacity, he works on and assists faculty and students on numerous research projects. His responsibilities include brainstorming, conducting literature reviews, assembling IRB applications, initial stages of the grant writing process, coordinating data collection methods and efforts, assisting with data analyses, assisting with manuscript writing, and presenting project progress/results to stakeholders. Mr. Bechtol joined the faculty at the University of Toledo in July 2008 while maintaining his responsibilities with the PCOR lab.

Research Interests

  • Assessing different components of the pharmacy profession and the health care team. For example, studying what the future has in store for the role of pharmacy technicians in the pharmacy profession.
  • Health-Related Outcomes Research
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