Department of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry

MBC Departmental Seminars

Fall 2016

All seminars are held at 12 noon in Bowman-Oddy 2850 (Main Campus).



Seminar Topic

August 25

Dr. Heather Conti

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Toledo

Straight from the mouse's mouth: oral epithelial cells and antifungal immunity

September 1

Dr. Jehad Almaliti

University of Jordan

Integrating synthetic organic chemistry and natural products for lead optimization

September 8

Michael Young

Supramolecular Inspired Strategies for Accessing New Therapeutic Space and Other Synthetic Challenges

September 15

Dr. Rajesh Viswanathan Department of Chemistry

Case Western Reserve University

Genome-Enabled Molecular Synthesis Unraveling New Pathways to Bioactive Alkaloids and Polyketides

September 22

Dr. Yang Hyun Yun

Dept. of Biomedical Engineering

University of Akron

Medical Applications of L-tyrosine Based Nanoparticles.


September 29

Dr. Wei Niu

Currently: Department of Genetics at Yale University

From Sept: 2016

Dept. of Neurology

University of Michigan

Discovering the regulatory networks of autism risk genes:  a genome-wide study utilizing a novel ex vivo system.


October 6

Dr. Bin Su

Dept. of Chemistry

Cleveland State University

Molecular target identification is critical in drug discovery


October 13

Dr. Jianyang Du

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Toledo

Protons: a neurotransmitter in the brain

- The regulation of protons on fear memory


October 20

Ayad Al-Hamashi

Department of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry

University of Toledo


Histone deacetylase inhibitors:

From largazole to new leads

October 27

Dr. Steffen Lindert

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Ohio State University

The Power of Computation in Biology: Elucidation of Atomic Resolution Protein Structures from Sparse Experimental Data and Discovery of Potent Antibiotics against Resistant Bacteria


November 3

Dr. Gaurav Chopra

Department of Chemistry

Purdue University

Interactome based drug discovery

November 10

Dr. Qian Chen, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Toledo

Probing the regulation of actin cytoskeletal structures in live cells with quantitative microscopy

November 17

Dr. Daniel P. Flaherty, Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Purdue University


November 24

No seminar 


December 1

Dr. Chenglong Li, Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy, Ohio State University

Drug Design Targeting the IL-6/STAT3 Signaling Pathway


December 8

Dr. Eda Yildirim-Ayan

Bioengineering Department
University of Toledo

Injectable and Nanofibrous Orthobiologic Scaffold for Minimally-Invasive Bone Fracture Augmentation. 

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