College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Current and Former PGY1 Pharmacy Practice Residents

hayesLisa Hayes, PharmD
University of Tennessee, PharmD and Bachelor of Arts
Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee
Interests (professional and personal): Dr. Hayes is interested in critical care, emergency medicine, and academia. Lisa enjoys reading, traveling, baking, and spending time with loved ones.


betkaEric Betka, PharmD
Education:The University of Toledo, PharmD and Bachelor of Science
Hometown: Lorain, Ohio
Interests (professional and personal): Dr. Betka  is interested in Oncology, Solid Organ Transplant, and Infectious Disease. Eric enjoys being a die hard Cleveland sports fan (there's always next year), spending time with his family and his girlfriend, and finding new TV shows to watch on Netflix.


kirschWilliam Kirsch, PharmD
Education: The University of Toledo, PharmD and Bachelor of Science
Hometown: Zanesville, Ohio
Interests (professional and personal): Dr.  Kirsch has professional interests in critical care, internal medicine, infectious disease, and HIV/AIDS. His personal interests are roller coasters, photography, drag queens, cars, and video games.


al saieghSebastian Al-Saiegh, PharmD
Education: Touro University California, PharmD
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Interests (professional and personal):Dr. Al-Saiegh's career interests are in Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, and Cardiothoracic Surgery. Sebastian enjoys cooking, being outdoors, and visiting all the country's lighthouses with his girlfriend.


baileyKyle Bailey, PharmD
Education:The University of Toledo, PharmD and Bachelor of Science
Hometown: Dublin, Ohio
Interests (professional and personal):Dr. Bailey is interested in cardiology, internal medicine, and critical care. Kyle enjoys spending time watching Netflix with his girlfriend, going to sporting events, and hanging out with friends. 


patelNikki Patel, PharmD
Education:Midwestern University, Chicago College of Pharmacy, PharmD
Hometown: San Jose, California
Interests (professional and personal):Dr. Patel is interested in Ambulatory Care, Critical Care and Oncology. Nikki enjoys traveling, cooking, personal fitness and being outdoors.


radanJelena Radan, PharmD
Education:The University of Charleston, PharmD
Hometown: Windsor, Ontario
Interests (professional and personal):Dr. Radan is interested in Critical Care and Cardiology with an underlying interest in Transitions of Care. Jelena enjoys travelling, playing tennis, hiking, hanging out with family and friends and an expensive glass of wine.


elhaisSarah Elhalis, PharmD
Education: Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy, PharmD
Hometown: Clinton Township, MI
Interests (professional and personal): Dr. Elhalis is interested in cardiology and critical care. Sarah enjoys traveling, baking, spending time with family and friends, and watching Netflix.


hueneckeJoe Huenecke, PharmD
Education: Belmont University, PharmD.
Hometown: Palatine, IL
Interests (professional and personal): Dr. Huenecke is interested in healthcare informatics, transplant, and trauma. He enjoys eating at original restaurants, spending time with family, and tinkering with computers. 


nguyenKhang Nguyen, PharmD
Education: University of Kentucky, PharmD
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Interests (professional and personal): Dr. Nguyen is interested in Critical Care, Infectious Disease, and Oncology. In his free time, Khang enjoy sports, cooking, computers, and spending time with friends and family.


Former Residents

Residency Years


Subsequent Position

2015-16 Vincent Burns, The University of Kentucky PGY-2 in Critical Care, Nebraska Medical Center
2015-16 John Edelstein, The Ohio State University Clinical Pharmacist, The Ohio State University Medical Center
2015-16 Michelle Hayes, The University of Pittsburgh  Clinical Pharmacist, Regions Hospital, MN
2015-16 Zachary Henz, The University of Toledo Emergency Medicine Clinical Pharmacist, Springfield Regional Medical Center
2015-16 Kayla Joyner, University of Missouri - Kansas City PGY-2 Internal Medicine, UH Geauga Medical Center
2015-16 Brianne Kaufman, The University of Toledo Clinical Pharmacist, The Ohio State University Medical Center
2015-16 Brian R. Lauer, The University of Findlay  PGY-2 in Critical Care, UH Case  Medical Center
2015-16 Kaitlyn Schumacher, University of Missouri - Kansas City Clinical Pharmacist, North Arkansas Regional Medical Center
2015-16 Nan Wang, The University of Pittsburgh PGY-2 Infectious Disease, The Cleveland Clinic
2015-16 Kent Wilin, Ohio Northern University PGY-2 in Critical Care, University of Tennessee
2014-15  Sheena Burwell, University of Findlay  PGY-2 Internal Medicine, University of Missouri Health Care
2014-15  Tara Lindeman, University of South Carolina  PGY-2 Infectious Disease, St. Louis VA
2014-15 Ethan Osborn, University of Missouri-Kansas City Clinical Coordinator, Cox medical Center Branson
2014-15 Gina Paletta, University of Nebraska PGY-2 Critical Care, University of Kansas Hospital
2014-15 Kelly Rudd, University of Montana PGY-2 Infectious Disease, Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center
2014-15 Alexandra Serafino, University of Toledo PGY-2 Critical Care, Intermountain Medical Center
2014-15 Benjamin Witt, University of Findlay PGY-2 Drug Information, Univeristy of Utah Hospital
2014-15 Idris Yakubu, University of Toledo PGY-2 Solid Organ Transplant, University of Maryland Medical Center
2013-14 Philip King, NEOMED PGY-2 Internal Medicine, Indiana University
2013-14 Nathan Verlinden, Drake University PGY-2 Cardiology, UPMC Presbyterian
2013-14 Rakesh Guduru, Temple University PGY2 Pharmacogenomics/ HIV/Antimicrobial Stewardship, U of Houston College of Pharmacy
2013-14 Jared Austin, Ohio Northern Clinical Pharmacist – Oncology, University of Toledo Medical Center
2013-14 Sarah Albers, University of Toledo PGY-2 Critical Care, St. Vincent Mercy, Toledo, OH
2013-14 Sean McKee, Ohio Northern Clinical Pharmacist, Paulding Hospital, WellStar Health System, Hiram, GA
2013-14 Rachel Rarus, University of Michigan Medication Safety Officer/Investigational Drug Pharmacist – UTMC
2013-14 Harpreet Benipal, Wayne State PGY2 Ambulatory Care, St. Vincent Mercy, Toledo
2012-13 Frank Szcrerba, Albany COP Clinical Pharmacist, Baystate Medical Center
2012-13 Kellie Buschor, University of Toledo Clinical Pharmacist – ICU/Transplant, University of Toledo Medical Center
2012-13 Erin Thompson, University of Toledo Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, University of Findlay
2012-13 Natalie Kolhmainen, NEOMED Clinical Pharmacist, UH Ahuja Medical Center
2012-13 Geoff Mospan, Ohio Northern Pharmacist – Emergency Room, OhioHealth
2012-13 Jennifer Lee, Northeastern ICU Clinical Pharmacist, St. Vincent Hospital, Worchester, MA
2012-13 Susan Lewis, University of Toledo Nephrology/Critical Care Fellowship, University of Michigan
2012-13 Ayesha Khan, Midwestern Clinical Assistant Professor, Chicago State University
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