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Biodiesel Study

Biodiesel Bus The Intermodal Transportation Institute at The University of Toledo is the lead on a U.S. Department of Transportation (Transit Authority) funded “Biodiesel Study” which focuses on the impact of using a mixture of renewable biofuel and diesel fuel on operating costs as well as engine emissions, performance, and expected life in a subset of the local transit authority bus fleet and City of Toledo vehicles. It will also examine the economic and financial impacts of these alternatives on operations.  Unique aspects of the project include 1) its large scale signified by the use of new vehicles to set an effective benchmark, 2) the collection of
extensive emission (in-bus, tail pipe) and engine wear data, 3) the examination of the impact of technology and economies of scale on large scale production. The buses began to use biodiesel in the Spring of 2006; preliminary results for pollution levels were achieved by June 2006. This project was funded at $1.48 million (UT’s share $575,605).  It began in July 2005 and continued through June 2008.
Final Reports
     Biodiesel Composite Executive Summary and Recommendations PDF Symbol
     Biodiesel Composite Report  PDF Symbol

     Biodiesel Year 3 Report Combined PDF Symbol   

Progress Reports    

     Biodiesel Study Progress Report 2007  PDF Symbol
     Biodiesel Study Progress Report 2008  PDF Symbol
     "Characterization of Emissions and Indoor Air Quality of Public Transport Buses Using Biodiesel"   PDF Symbol
     "Morphology of Single Inhalable Particle Inside Public Transit Biodiesel Fueled Bus"   PDF Symbol
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