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Animal Care and Use in Research

Why Animal Research is Important to Humans and Animals

Researchers who conduct animal research must adhere to strict federal policies and regulations that help ensure that the animals will be in responsible, humane and conscientious hands. For truthful and accurate results, the animals must be healthy and well cared for. For this reason, scientists who work with animals are devoted to making sure their animal partners treated with care and concern. Humane and gentle treatment is the utmost concern in animal care at the University of Toledo.

Humans are not the only beings that benefit from this necessary and critical research. Many animals live long and healthy lives thanks to the medical knowledge obtained through animal research.

In accordance with The Guide and Use of Laboratory Animals, Animal Welfare Regulations; The Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals; and other applicable federal (Appendixes C and D) state, and local laws, regulations, and policies – All research activities involving animals at the University of Toledo must be done under the oversight of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

UT IACUC Rocket Newsletter August 2018 Newsletter
 Elaine Joseph, PhD, IBC Elaine Joseph, PhD, BS

Compliance Analyst, IACUC, IBC
The University of Toledo
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Faculty members are strongly encouraged to consult with the IACUC Administrator, IACUC Chair or Attending Veterinarian prior to protocol submission.

Protocol Information
Frequently Asked Questions About Animal Research Protocols  (Update 10/09/2018)
IACUC Guidelines
Administrative Reviews
Animal Research Being Done at Another PHS Assured Site
Animal Transportation
Breeding and Breeding Cage Densities
Buprenorphine Dilution and Labeling Instructions
Food and Fluid Restriction
Guideline on Animal Re-Use  (6/13/2018)
Guidelines for Euthanasia of Neonatal Rodents (Updated 6/13/2018)
Guideline on Satellite Animal Facilities Operating Procedures (Updated 8/9/2018)
IACUC Guidelines on Training Protocols
IACUC Housing Space Requirement for Laboratory Animals (12/13/2018)
Multiple Survival Surgeries
Non-Compliance Investigation Procedures
Photography and Videography in University of Toledo Department of Lab Animal Resources (DLAR) Animal Use Areas
Prolonged Restraint
Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns (Updated 10/04/2018)
Rodent Genotyping Guideline (Updated 8/9/2018)
Social Housing (11/26/2018)
Tracking and Training Personnel on Protocols (6/15/2018)
Tumor Monitoring
Use of Adjuvants and Polyclonal Antibody Production (11/26/2018)
Use of DMR to Approve Protocols Subsequent to FCR - Signed
Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Chemicals in Research Animals (11/26/2018)
Standard operation procedures (SOP)
Closure of IACUC Protocols by PI Request or Expiration (12/13/2018)
Holding of Animals Not Covered by Active Animal Care and Use Protocols (12/13/2018)
Other Animal-Related Research Information
DLAR Animal Requisition Form
Current Animal Welfare Assurance from the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW)
UT Policy on Laboratory Animal Welfare, Care and Use
Facility and Vet Care Information for NIH Grants (Updated 11/8/2018
2013 AVMA Euthanasia Guidelines
Emergency Medicine Residency Program Statement
Last Updated: 1/7/19