Technology Transfer

Current Spin-Offs

Schneider and Morse Group  Technology Licensed April 2001
   A company focused on developing computer-based educational tools for animal anatomy and dissection.
The Turning Point, LLC Technology Licensed June 2005

A manufacturing and marketing firm that produces a state-of-the-art golf exercise and therapeutic device.

  • Successful manufacturing partnership established in 2007.
  • Now developing phase II prototype Product introduction expected 2nd Q 2008
Xunlight Corporation   Technology Licensed January 2006

A manufacturing and marketing company that develops thin-film silicon based photovoltaic products and manufacturing equipment for high-throughput production of flexible and lightweight photovoltaic modules at low cost.

  • Xunlight has completed a $7M Series A financing and a $22M and $11M Series B financing to build a roll-to-roll pilot production line. 
Spinal Designs Technology Licensed May 2006

A marketing firm that provides products and services to orthopaedic surgeons.

  • Virtual Company with success in sublicensing technologies
Freedom Meditech Technology Licensed December 2006

A medical device company developing and commercializing a non-invasive glucose measurement technology for use by persons with diabetes.  The consumer ready product is anticipated to operate in similar fashion to a pair of binoculars. 

  • The company is working to secure $1.7M of Series A financing
  • Preparing for pilot human clinical studies.
Suganit Systems, Inc. Technology Licensed March 2007

A start-up company involved in the research and development of renewable and clean energy with a focus on ethanol production from biomass

  • Still perfecting technology
  • Discussions with major multi-national partners progressing
Lucintech, Inc.  Technology Licensed December 2008
 lucintech logo A technology-based start-up company focused on developing Cd-Te thin-film photovoltaics on polyimide substrates.
Acense LLC Technology Licensed April 2009
acense logo

Acense, LLC is developing a novel acetylene sensor that is focused on early fault warning for oil-immersed electrical equipment such as power transformers, oil-filled high-voltage cables, and network protection transformers.

AccuGenomics Technologies Licensed February 2011 
 AccuGenomicslogo AccuGenomics provides gene expression tests that accurately diagnose, monitor, and inform cancer treatment.  AccuGenomics' technologies generate comprehensive test results which ensure confidence in clinical decision and provide credible and reliable gene expression data to the medical community.
Digital Therapeutics, LLC Technology Licensed February 2012
  Digital Therapeutics is developing treatments for orphan diseases and diseass with high unmet medical need, focusing particularly in the area of inflammation. 
EndoSphere Spine, LLC  Technology Licensed September 2012
  EndoSphere Spine is a start-up biotechnology company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of Endoscopic/Minimal Invasive fusion cage that is used to restore spinal alignment and fusion of a degenerated segment without or with very little soft tissue trauma.
 Analytic Diabetic Systems, LLC Technology Licensed November 2012
  Analytic Diabetic Systems, LLC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aptima, Inc., focused on the deployment of predictive medical analytics specifically for the prediction of glucose in both inpatient (Hospital/critical care) outpatient (Type 1 and 2 diabetes patients) settings
OsteoNovus, LLC Technology Optioned September 2013
osteonovus logo  OsteoNovus is an early stage orthopaedic medical device company focused on the development of biologic materials to support and regenerate bone. The company is based on innovative technology developed by established researchers at the University of Toledo. The technology encompasses novel synthetic calcium phosphate based cements suitable for several clinical applications, like bone voids, and treatment of various fractures and spinal disorders. 
Spinal Balance Technology Optioned November 2013
spinal balance  Spinal Balance is committed to developing intuitive instruments, advanced implants and processes that will enhance surgeon experience, improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.  The company is planning to commercialize several innovations from the University of Toledo and the first University based product is a bioactive facet screw.
NWO Stem Cure, LLC Technology Optioned January 2014
NWO Logo

NWO Stem Cure, LLC, was founded in 2013 for the development and application of small molecules to mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of musculoskeletal disease and other medical conditions.

IRISense, LLC Technology Licensed May 2014
 IRISense3 IRISense is a unique noninvasive glucose monitoring technology that uses ocular imaging involving analysis of the human iris.  This technology may allow individuals with diabetes to avoid finger pricks to determine their glucose level.
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