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The competition for academic year 2014-15 is now open. 

The University of Toledo will recognize those faculty members selected as Outstanding Faculty Researchers and Scholars at an awards ceremony in April 2015.  The award will recognize the quality and contributions of faculty research, scholarship and creative activity undertaken while a faculty member at The University of Toledo. The Outstanding Research and Scholarship Award recognizes outstanding research, scholarship, and creative activity across the spectrum of disciplines on this multi-campus university. Winners receive a monetary prize as well as formal recognition at the Outstanding Faculty Awards Ceremony.

Faculty may be nominated by their peers or may submit their own file for consideration.  Full-time faculty members at The University of Toledo are eligible to receive the award for contributions made while the nominee was a full-time member of the faculty at The University of Toledo.  An individual may receive the award only once.

The deadline for nominations has been extended to 5 p.m. on Monday, 9 March 2015.

Submit nominations by e-mail to either Rick Francis ( or to Brenda McKinley (

The nomination form is available here. The list of previous recipients is below.

The criteria for selection of the Outstanding Researcher or Scholar include explanation of the following:

  • The nature and significance of the research, scholarship or creative activity upon which the nomination is based
  • The impact of the research, scholarship or creative activity on the nominee’s area of specialization
  • How the research, scholarship or creative activity was presented and disseminated to the nominee’s peers and to the wider professional community
  • Awards, honors or other recognition of the significance of the research, scholarship or creative activity
  • Support received for the nominee's activities
  • A complete CV and signed and dated letters of recommendation (Do NOT submit reprints, books or posters.)

    The Outstanding Research or Scholarship Selection Committee will review all materials; Vice President Messer will present the committee’s recommendations to the provosts on both campuses.  Committee members are past winners of this award.

Questions should be addressed to either Rick Francis ( or to Brenda McKinley (

Past Recipients of the Outstanding Faculty Researcher Award

2014 - 2015
Paul Hong, Bina Joe, Sasidhar Varanasi

2013 - 2014
Abdollah Afjeh, Timothy Fisher

2012 - 2013
Jane Bradley, Llew Gibbons, Stanislaw Stepkowski

2011 - 2012
Kevin Czajkowski, Rebecca Zietlow

2010 - 2011
Marthe Howard, Shanhe Jiang, Gretchen Tietjen, Elizabeth (Liz) Tietz

2009 - 2010
Robert Blumenthal, Ezdihar Hassoun, Sonia Najjar, T. S. Ragu-Nathan

2008 - 2009
Abdul-Majeed Azad, Neil Reid

2007 - 2008
Andrew Geers, Clint Longenecker, Carol Stepien

2006 - 2007
Rickye Heffner, Douglas Leaman, Ron Viola

2005 - 2006
Jiquan Chen, Paul Erhardt, Vijay Goel, Marcia McInerney

2004 - 2005
Jeanne B. Funk, Susan Martyn, John Murray, Katherine Wall

2003 - 2004
Jacques Amar, Glenn Ames, Mohamed Samir Hefzy, Biao Zhang

2002 - 2003
Lamar Bentley, James Lesage, Russell Reising, Mark Vonderembse

2001 - 2002
Gloria Borhstahl, Zunming Deng, Ali Fatemi, Peter Linebaugh

2000 - 2001
David  Harris, G. "Nagi" Naganathan, Daniel Watermeier, Adolf Witt\

1999 - 2000

1998 - 1999
Martin A. Abraham, Howard M. Friedman, Philip B. James

1997 - 1998
Keith R. Johnson, Thomas A. Stuart, Krzysztof J. Cios

1996 - 1997
Alfred Cave, William Messer, Margaret Wheelock

1995 - 1996
Hua Guo, Richard A. Hudson, Carol Bresnahan Menning

1994 - 1995
Ronald L. Fournier, James A. Harrell, Saleh A. Jabarin

1993 - 1994
James Campbell, A. Alan Pinkerton, James H. Price

1992 - 1993
Alvin D. Compaan, David Dollimore, Matthew H. Wikander

1991 - 1992
Thomas E. Barden, James L. Fry, Marshall A. Leaffer

1990 - 1991
Don H. Bialostosky, Max O. Funk, Demetrios d. Raftopoulos

1989 - 1990
E. Richard Gregory, Richard W. Komuniecki, Subhash C. Kwatra

1988 - 1989
Lawrence J. Dessner, Wayne P. Hoss, Alan R. Morgan

1987 - 1989
Henry Bourgignon, William Doll, Theo Keith

1986 - 1987
Julian A. Davies, Michael Manheim, William Richman

1985 - 1986
Kenneth Bachmann, Jimmie G. Edwards, Wallace Martin

1984 - 1985
Henry C. Wente, Larry J. Curtis, Richard W. Edwards, Jr.

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