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Laser Beam Induced Current/Voltage

Current Students: Jonathan DeWitt (PSM-PV) , Zhaoning Song (PhD), Jon Stone (UGrad)

Previous Students: Meghan Mapes (PSM-PV), John Royston (MS), Ryan Zeller (PSM-PV)

Associated Faculty: Randy J. Ellingson, Michael J. Heben , Adam B. Phillips  

A laser beam induced current or voltage measurement scans a laser beam across a photovoltaic device as a pin-point light source. The current or voltage is measured and graphed as a function of the laser beam’s position. The image shown on the left side is an example of a cadmium telluride solar cell illuminated with 532 nm laser radiation. In our lab, images can be taken with 1064, 532, or 355 nm excitation, displaying responses from different layers in the device. The images show pin holes and defects and can be used to give an idea of deposition non-uniformities. The individual devices shown in the image are ~ 3 mm x 3 mm, and where scribed using the same apparatus.
Last Updated: 6/9/16