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Ultrafast Transient Absorption

Current Students:  Neale Haugen (PhD)

Associated Faculty:  Randy J. Ellingson

                        haugen absorption 1haugen absorption 2


The sample is excited via the high energy pump pulse at time zero, and then probed with a lower energy probe pulse. The arrival time of the probe pulse can be varied from -40 ps out to a maximum delay of 1450 ps after time zero. Both pulses are ~100 fs long in time. And can be tuned from 270 nm out to 7 μm.

The quantity measured is the change in transmission of the probe pulse upon pumping. This is defined as the transmission of the probe in the pumped case minus that of the unpumped case:


The ΔT/T signal is positive for the case of photoinduced bleaching as pictured.

Last Updated: 6/9/16