Strategic Planning

Imagine 2017

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

After 90 days of input and feedback from faculty, staff, administrators, trustees, and students, I am pleased to issue the first edition of The University of Toledo main campus strategic plan, which is entitled, “Imagine 2017.” This plan operationalizes the university’s strategic plan, which is entitled, “Directions 2011.

This document is a high level summary of the conversations that have occurred over the past 90 days; it is not a finely word- smithed manuscript of university ideals, aspirations, and goals; it is a high level outline of action plans to solve big strategic problems, which if solved, reposition The University of Toledo to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

For many years, as a result of persistently declining state appropriations to higher education, most public universities have scaled back their operations and support of academic programs to the point of not being able to adequately support their historical models of teaching, research, and service. Given this nation’s “new normal” economy, we are left with no other choice but to rebalance our tripartite mission and create a more cost-effective model of higher education--a model that honors our past, upholds our core values, and achieves both high quality and financial sustainability in this new world.

This plan leverages the university’s current strengths in ways that will make it more distinctive and a better choice for prospective students. If we implement this plan well, we will become the destination of choice for well-prepared students, under-prepared students, adult learners, on-line learners, professional students, and graduate students; the university will become a more effective system of higher education where teaching and learning are more effective, research and discovery are widely embraced and strategically focused, and service and engagement are both relevant and impactful. 

Thank you in advance for your willingness to explore this new path. If we navigate this path well, we will arrive at a better and more sustainable destination. As always, teamwork is the key to our success because together, everyone achieves more.

In your service, 

Scott Scarborough signature

Scott L. Scarborough, Ph.D.
Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

To obtain a copy of the Imagine 2017 presentation, please contact the Office of the Provost at 419.530.2729 or email

Last Updated: 6/26/15