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The Apple Tree Curriculum
Curriculum is a course of study based upon philosophy and goals.  The curriculum goals for Apple Tree are based upon the following philosophical views concerning the growth and development of the child:
  • Children progress through predictable series of stages as they grow and develop at their own individual pace.
  • Children learn in a progressive manner.
  • Children learn best through hands-on activities that capture their interest and allow for success.
  • Children need a planned learning environment which offers a variety of materials designed to facilitate all domains of development - language, physical, cognitive, social, affective and creative.
  • Children utilize play to internalize knowledge.
  • Children learn through the use of all sensory channels.
  • Parents are most influential in the development of a child. Teachers must present learning with a climate of caring.


Infant Curriculum
InfantTake a peek at the infant curriculum at Apple Tree.

When you look inside the infant classrooms, you will see a trusting relationship between children, parents and caregivers which creates a rich atmosphere for bonding, exploring and learning.

Westart by inviting parents to share everything they know best about their child.  We blend our families' parenting styles with the observations and knowledge base of child development by the caregivers to meet the needs and interests of each individual child.

Toddler Curriculum
toddlerWelcome to the world of toddlers...where what's yours is mine, what's mine is mine and if I've only seen it once it's mine, too!

Toddlers are learning to assert themselves in order to achieve the independence they desire.  They gain this independence through a long process of trial and error.

Inour environment, you will find duplicates of many items available to children - two trucks, two baby carriages, two balls or whatever the interesting item of the day is. By doing this, we insure that each child can express "ownership" over the items they choose to play with. By providing toddlers with a safe and secure environment, they feel free to explore their classroom through self-directed play at their own pace.

Preschool Curriculum
preschoolThe preschool years are an exciting and crucial time in each child's life. These years set the foundation for a child's future educational and personal development.  In preschool, learning should be entertaining, exciting and interactive... and here at Apple Tree, it is!

When you enter the preschool room you will see children busily exploring the various activities found in each learning center.  Each child has the opportunity to choose from the block area, creative center, science area, library, snack center, pet center, listening center, housekeeping center, writing center and math center.  Each activity is child-initiated, child-directed and teacher-supported.  This can be observed in the block area as a child experiments with building ramps and rolling round blocks down it.  A teacher can extend this experimentation by providing additional props, such as cars or long platforms, and by asking open-ended questions, such as "What else could you use to make the ramp taller?"

During your visit you may notice children in the writing center interacting with large colored pencils and paper.   Due to their current interest in writing, the children are experimenting with writing their own names as well as the names of their classmates that have been posted in the writing center.

Ifthe children are hungry when you arrive, you may find them sitting at the snack table, pouring juice from a child-sized pitcher and serving themselves a nutritious snack.

These are but a few glimpses of the myriad of daily activities you would observe while visiting our preschool classroom.

Last Updated: 6/26/15