Office of Student Conduct


Top 10 Things to Know

10. The Office of Student Conduct strives to treat everyone with fairness and respect. Students contacting the Office of Student Conduct will have their questions answered in a complete and timely manner.

9.Be aware of your rights and responsibilities.  The University of Toledo Code of Student Conduct has valuable information that can help you effectively operate within the expected social guidelines.

8.Know Your Career Path and What Affects It! Learn what behavior patterns discourage employers from hiring potential candidates.  The Office of Student Conduct facilitates background checks on current and former students.  So, don’t give the Office of Student Conduct any unfavorable material to report on you.

7.The Office of Student Conduct May Contact Your Parents- The Office of Student Conduct sometimes notifies students’ parents when they are found “responsible” for violating alcohol and/or illegal drug policies, for students under the age of 21.

6.The Office of Student Conduct is about education, not punishment.
Everyone makes poor choices sometimes, and at the Office of Student Conduct, we know that. This is why we’re committed to helping students learn from their mistakes.

5.The Office of Student Conduct is your ally in the conduct process.
Call us. E-mail us. Visit us.

4.Read the Code of Conduct!
Lack of knowledge of a rule is not an excuse for misconduct. Every student is responsible for knowing the policies regarding student conduct. It’s important for you to read the Student Conduct Code, Academic Policy and the license agreement if you live on campus.  If you are unsure of any policies, ask for clarification

3.Know Yourself. No one knows you better than you.  Be aware of the habits and tendencies that did not work well for you in the past and avoid making those same decisions as a Rocket.  Generally, poor decisions lead to University violations.

2.We’re committed to creating a safe community.
If someone infringes on your rights, tell your resident assistant, resident director, or University Police. We all work together to keep campus safe!

1.Read campus policies and FAQs!

Last Updated: 6/9/16