Office of the Dean of Students

Our Staff

Geni Hofbauer
Accountant 2

How long have you worked at UT?
I have been at UT for only 24 years. J

What your favorite memory while at UT?
I love the beginning of Fall Semester there is so much going on and so much excitement for the year to begin! And of course, I can never forget the year I won the Outstanding UT Staff Member Award. It was such an honor!

What do you like most about your job?
The best part of this job is working with the students, we have such a diverse student population, and I truly enjoy getting to know them, their history and their culture, there is much to be learned from them as well!

An interesting little tidbit about you that no one would ever guess:
People may be surprised to hear that I used to be a WWF Fan!

Last Updated: 6/5/18