Dance Marathon

For The Kids!

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RockeTHON is a student-run philanthropy, which occurs on many college campuses. The main purpose for RockeTHON is FOR THE KIDS. RockeTHON raises thousands of dollars each year to be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network to help children and their families who are suffering through some kind of illness. By participating in RockeTHON and raising money one can make a huge impact on a child’s life. You can make the difference to whether the children can walk again, can go play outside, or just be a “normal” kid and do the “normal” things that all of the others kids do their age but are not capable of doing.

It is very difficult to imagine what these children and families are going through on an everyday basis but by participating in RockeTHON you are given a little idea of what these children may be going through. A Dancer will participate in games, activities, and dancing for 13 hours straight without sitting down. They will experience a glimpse of what it is like to try and maintain an activity level of a "normal" kid while their body becomes tired, much like what a child experiences when diagnosed with a serious health condition. It means so much to these children that all of these college students come out just to help them and spend time with them for a night. In everything we do and everything the RockeTHON stands for the kids are our number one priority and that is never going to change!

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Last Updated: 9/17/18