Commuter Student Services

First Aid Kits

First-Aid Kit:  Be sure you have a well-stocked first-aid kit.  

Buy one at a drug store, grocery store, or assemble your own.

Here are suggestions on what to include if building your own first aid kit:

-Adhesive strips (Band-Aids) in assorted sizes

-Adhesive tape (1-inch wide) to secure gauze dressings

-Antibiotic ointment to prevent wound infections

-Antiseptic for cleansing abrasions, cuts, and scrapes

-Cold-gel pack kept in the freezer for bumps, bruises, sprains, or strains

-Cotton balls to cleanse wounds

-Elastic wrap (3-inches wide) for sprains or other injuries

-Heating pad to increase blood flow and speed healing of sore muscles

-Scissors to cut adhesive tape

-Sterile gauze for dressing cuts, scrapes, and burns

-Thermometer, recommended by pharmacist or physician

-Tweezers to help remove splinters

All UT Student also have access to the Student Medical Center

Last Updated: 2/16/18