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Legal Obligations


According to the law, the landlord must:

  • Comply with all codes set by the City of Toledo and the State of Ohio regarding safety, buildings, housing, and health.
  • Keep the premises in good, habitable condition by making the necessary repairs and keeping the premises clean.
  • Maintain all electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilating fixtures, as well as all appliances provided and elevators.
  • Keep all common areas safe and sanitary.
  • Provide and maintain trash receptacles and arrange for trash removal.
  • Supply running water and enough hot water and heat at all times, except when the building is equipped to allow the individual tenant to control these utilities.
  • Not abuse the Right of Access Code (entrance without consent).  Give reasonable notice (at least 24-hours) to a tenant before entering his or her apartment and enter at reasonable times unless there is an emergency.


According to the law, the tenant must:
  • Comply with all housing laws and regulations.    
  • Not knowingly destroy or allow destruction of premises
  • Keep that part of the premises he/she occupies clean and safe.   
  • Not disturb others who live on the premises.
  • Put out all trash and garbage in proper containers or areas designated by the landlord.    
  • Notify landlord when repairs are needed and allow entrance to the unit for repairs and inspection after reasonable notice has been provided.
  • Operate all electrical, plumbing and appliances properly.     

The security deposit is money collected at the time you rent the property to protect the terms of the lease.  

The deposit is used to cover any damages caused by the tenant and to keep if the tenant moves before the end of the lease term.  

Toget your deposit back when you move out, the premises should be in as good condition as it was when you moved in.  

You are not responsible for ordinary wear and tear.  

Ifthe landlord deducts any amount, it must be itemized in writing by the landlord and delivered together with the balance due to the tenant within 30 days after the tenant has moved.  

Besure to leave a forwarding address.  For more information, contact Student Legal Services, 419-530-7230. 

Last Updated: 2/16/18