Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Food at Events


Preferred Vendor

Aramark (UT Dining Services) has first right of refusal for any on-campus catering:

To request catering online, visit the Aramark Catertrax Catering Website or call 419.530.8488.

Outside Vendor

If a student organization would like to use any other caterer in the Student Union, or if the value of food is $500 or more, they must complete a Food Waiver and attach *copies of:

  • Itemized food service quote from each desired vendor
  • Food service licenses for each vendor
  • Liability insurance for each vendor

*Pizza and pre-packaged foods do not require additional documentation.

Selling food or charging an admission fee?

You may be required to purchase a Temporary Food License through the Toledo Lucas County Health Department. For more information, please call Toledo Lucas County Health Department at 419.213.4100, ext. 3.

Bake Sales

If a student organization sells baked goods or any other food item as a fundraiser (including a table in the Student Union), all applicable sanitation guidelines and health code regulations must be followed. In addition, the following guidelines must be adhered to:

  • Baked goods must be individually wrapped and labeled. Items such as pies and cakes must be covered with a lid or plastic wrap. Labels must include the following:
    • Common name of the food product
    • Ingredients in descending order by weight
    • Net weight or net volume of the food product
    • The following statement must be in no less than 10-point type “This product is home produced.”
  • No liquid refreshments may be sold, including coffee, tea, etc.
  • No electrical appliances such as warmers may be used.
  • The sale area must be kept in an orderly appearance throughout the sale period and must be restored to its normal appearance immediately following the sale.
  • The sale of any other item other than baked goods requires a Temporary Food License

Food trucks

Bringing food trucks to campus for a student organization event will involve several pieces:

  • Selecting trucks. We recommend starting with the Toledo Food Trucks Association.
  • Submitting Special Event Parking form through Parking Services to make sure an area or lot is available for the trucks.
  • Going through the contract process for each truck (at least 10 weeks before event date).
  • Submitting food waivers to Aramark for each truck.
  • Coordinating payment with the Dean of Students Accountant (if using University budget).

If you plan to have food trucks, please include this when you submit your event in InvoNet. The OSIL Events Coordinator will work with you to make sure all pieces are complete.

Last Updated: 9/17/18