Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

Student Involvement Fair

Fall Activities FairThe Office of Student Involvement & Leadership showcases student organizations at the annual Student Organization Fair. This event is held at the beginning of the fall semester to help student organizations recruit new members, raise awareness about their events, and network. 

UT students, let's Get Involved! 

Meet new people. Discover new interests.

Nurture your passions. Enhance your skills.

This is a great opportunity to talk with student organization representatives from numerous clubs and organizations. See how you can get involved outside of your classes.

Whether it is a Greek, cultural, religious, special interest or a service organization that interests you, we are sure there is a student group to fit your interest and needs. 

Registration is now closed. Organizations will be notified of the date of our next fair at the end of the spring semester. 




Last Updated: 6/5/18