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Exceptional Rocket Family Award

Nominate Your Family to Receive The University of Toledo  2017 Exceptional Rocket Family Award!

This award is given  to the family of a current University of Toledo student.  Please take a moment to review the award criteria and guidelines below and to submit your nomination recognizing your exceptional family as the 2017 Exceptional  Rocket Family on or before Friday, September 1st.  The family will receive a complimentary family weekend registration (5 people max), a prize pack, and special seating at the football game.  In addition, the family will be recognized on the football field during the game.  

Recognition of the recipient(s) will occur at the football game during Family Weekend.  Should you choose to complete this nomination, it is important that you ask your family to save the date  in order to be present at the game to receive the award.- Selection of the Exceptional Rocket  Family Award  is based on the following criteria:

- Selection of the Exceptional Rocket  Family Award  is based on the following criteria:

Your Family:

- provides ongoing support for student success;

- shows a passion for the betterment of the community they live in, exhibited through community service and/or philanthropic efforts;

- makes personal and/or professional sacrifices for other members of the family.

Click Here to Apply (on or before Friday, September 1st to qualify)

2016 Winners: Hermes Family
Hermes Family

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