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Kappa Delta Rho

Nickname: KDR
National founding date: May 17, 1905
Chapter symbol: Peregrine Falcon
Colors: Orange and Blue
GPA Requirement: 2.6
Philanthropy: KDR Kids

Kappa Delta Rho was founded on May 17, 1905 at a small private college in Vermont. After much expansion, success on the east coast and Midwest, Kappa Delta Rho (KDR) was welcomed to The University of Toledo’s Greek Life community on May 18, 1984. Throughout its more than 25 years on campus, the members of KDR have been involved in Student Government, Habitat for Humanity and the Boys & Girls Club of America. With a actively growing chapter, KDR continues to be a powerhouse in intramural sports, UT’s annual tradition Songfest and Homecoming, and constantly does charitable work for their philanthropy — KDR Kids. The gentlemen of KDR have one aim and that is to lead an honorable life, which is accomplished by holding all their brothers to high standards in all things collegiate. Their presence is seen, heard and, rightfully so, recognized by students and faculty alike. By joining Kappa Delta Rho, one will join a brotherhood that will last a lifetime, grow into men of character, and develop a sense of responsibility in a growing society.

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Phi Gamma Delta
Nickname: FIJI or Phi Gam
National founding date: May 1, 1848
Colors: Royal Purple, White and Black
GPA Requirement: 2.675
Philanthropy: American Red Cross

Phi Gamma Delta was founded on May 1, 1848 at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. They became a chapter on The University of Toledo campus on August 27, 2005. The fraternity goes by the name 'FIJI'. Its members respect the greek letters by only presenting them on special occasions. The five values of the fraternity are friendship, knowledge, service, morality and excellence. Also, their official color is royal purple and their symbol is a black diamond. One of their mottos is “Not for college days alone”, which they greatly display by keeping in contact with their graduate brothers. The graduates and undergraduates reunite at the oldest active annual Greek tradition, the Frank Norris Pig Dinner. A second motto of theirs states, "friendship, the sweetest influence". The brothers of FIJI better each other by their five values on a daily basis. FIJI takes pride in being actively involved on campus and continues to give back to the community and university that has given them so much. This chapter has not been around campus for long, but has such a strong brotherhood. Phi Gamma Delta is an unstoppable force, rivaling the top chapters that have been around UT for decades.

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Pi Kappa Alpha
Nickname: Pike
National founding date: March 1, 1868
Chapter symbol: Oak Tree, White Horse
Colors: Garnet and Old Gold
GPA Requirement: 2.6
Philanthropy: Fight Against Domestic Violence

Pi Kappa Alpha’s (Pike) have a history rich in tradition. Founded in 1868 by six men at the University of Virginia, Pi Kappa Alpha was among the United States' first social college fraternities. Throughout the years, the fraternity has grown to more than 200 chapters throughout the United States and Canada, boasting more than 215,000 initiated members. The men of the Epsilon Epsilon chapter at The University of Toledo, pride themselves on SLAG (scholars, leaders, athletes and gentlemen), which is the foundation of its membership and commitment to becoming a better gentleman on campus and in life after Pike. Pi Kappa Alpha's long history and distinguished membership, are testaments to the fraternity's exclusive and consistent superiority in fraternal programming, scholarship, membership and leadership.

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Pi Kappa Phi

Nickname: Pi Kapp
National founding date: December 10, 1904
Chapter symbol: Star Shield
Colors: White, Gold and Royal Blue
GPA Requirement: 2.7
Philanthropy: Push America (Disability Awareness)

Pi Kappa men have become an integral part of campus. At every home football game, you will see the Pi Kapp’s shooting off the cannon after a Rocket touchdown. These men are also involved in many organizations on campus such as Dance Marathon executive board, the IFC executive board, Relay for Life executive board, Alpha Kappa Psi, Criminal Justice Society, Order of Omega, Mortar Board National Honor Society and Blue Key just to name a few. However, their philanthropy is what really sets them apart. Phi Kappa Phi is the only fraternity to have founded and kept running its own philanthropic organization, Push America, which raised money and awareness for people with disabilities. Journey of Hope is one of the best philanthropic events in the nation and is only open to Pi Kapps. JOH is a cycling trip that travel 3,800 miles across the U.S. and raises more than $500,000 and awareness for people with disabilities.

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Phi Kappa Psi

Nickname: Phi Psi
National founding date: February 19, 1852
Colors: Hunter Green and Cardinal Red
GPA Requirement: 2.6 GPA
Philanthropy: Phi Psi Quesadilla for The Boys & Girls Clubs

Phi Kappa Psi is where the next leaders on campus are born. Phi Kappa Psi was founded at The University of Toledo on October 21, 1950. Currently Phi Kappa Psi averages a chapter size in the mid-thirties. In order to foster the best gentlemen on campus, the brothers believe in strong core values, high involvement in community service, philanthropy, excellence in academics and upholding themselves to a higher standard. Through these ideals, Phi Kappa Psi has become a group of the elite gentlemen on campus, priding themselves on their selective nature through recruitment, and forming a strong sense of brotherhood with all new members. Highly involved in intramural sports, the brothers are always competing for the number one spot. Also, every Spring Break the brothers travel to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to attend the American Leadership Academy, free of charge. In all, Phi Kappa Psi is a brotherhood with the highest standards and ideals, meant for those with the highest potential.

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Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Nickname: SAE
National founding date: March 9, 1856
Chapter symbol: The Phoenix
Colors: Royal Purple and Old Gold
GPA Requirement: 2.5
Philanthropy: Children’s Miracle Network

Sigma Alpha Epsilon strives to strengthen young colleges males into becoming True Gentlemen. The mission of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is to promote the highest standards of friendship, scholarship and service for our members, based upon the ideals set forth by its founders and as specifically enunciated in its creed, "The True Gentleman." The gentlemen of Sigma Alpha Epsilon are active on campus, all members belong to at least one other organization and many hold high positions in those organizations. In 2010, Sigma Alpha Epsilon was honored to have one of their members serve as the UT Homecoming King. The 46 brothers of SAE at UT hold each other to the highest standards, specifically in scholarship where they consistently rank well above the fraternity average in chapter grade point average. Between athletics, social events, and philanthropies, the gentlemen of Sigma Alpha Epsilon always makes their presence known.

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Sigma Phi Epsilon

Nickname: SigEp
National founding date: November 1, 1901
Chapter symbol: Skull and Cross Bones 
Colors: Purple and Red
GPA Requirement: 2.9, College and 3.0, High School
Philanthropy: Local: Movember; National: Big Brothers Big Sisters

Sigma Phi Epsilon Ohio Iota chapter founded locally on September 30, 1950 carries a rich tradition at UT. Consistently leading the Greek community, SigEp has taken first place in scholarship, athletics and in campus and community involvement the past three years. Living by its national motto “Building Balanced Men”, Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity is an organization unlike any other and currently ranks 12th in the nation in academic achievement by the North American Interfraternity Conference. These achievements have made Ohio Iota one of the top five percent of SigEp chapters nationally. As designated by the prestigious Buchanan Cup, Ohio Iota recently received its sixth consecutive award symbolizing 12 years of excellence. Every day each member lives out the motto of “Work Hard, Play Hard”, while upholding the Cardinal Principles of Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love.

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Theta Chi
National founding date: April 10, 1985
Chapter symbol: Rattlesnake
Colors: Military Red and White
GPA Requirement: 2.5 semester and cumulative
Philanthropy: Project Deb

Established in 1856 at Norwich University in the Old South Barracks, Theta Chi has been an essential part in building men with strong character through three basic principles:  truth, temperance and tolerance. The fraternity's maxim is "Alma Mater First and Theta Chi for Alma Mater," and refers to one of the founding ideals of the fraternity: loyalty to one's college or university as well as academic achievement. Through these ideals Theta Chi has been able to continue the development of gentlemen to this very day. Theta Chi aims to provide its members with an enjoyable and fulfilling collegiate experience that also prepares them for rewarding, successful lives after graduation. Our undergraduates are leaders on campus, in the classroom and on the field.

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Nickname: Delta T
National founding date: April 15, 1907
Chapter symbol: Transit and Level
Colors: Old Rose and Gray
GPA Requirement: 2.5
Philanthropy: Habitat for Humanity

Triangle is a national social fraternity with chapters located across the country. Since the first social fraternity was founded in 1766, college fraternities and sororities have grown, built upon the foundation of serving the student and his or her Alma Mater. Triangle was founded locally at UT in 1971 by a group of dedicated men with one common goal in mind; to create a better world by developing better men. Each brother of Triangle strives to exemplify the principals of brotherhood. Friendship, honor, courage, high ideals and character everyday of their lives. Triangle is unique by limiting membership to only engineers, architects and scientists, along with being on the three fraternities in the North-American Interfraternity Conference to not use Greek letters. Our membership is diverse in their campus involvement including Mortar Board, Order of Omega, Dance Marathon, The Engineering Council, and Colleges Against Cancer.

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