Greek Life

NPHC and MGC New Member Procedures

Membership Intake Guidelines

Membership Intake Dates 2017-2018

1. Membership intake activities  may begin September 11th and January 22nd 
2. Membership intake activities must end by December 1st and April 20th

Statement Of Intent
1. Statement of Intent is due October 2nd and February 5th
3. Membership intake activities MAY NOT BEGIN until the Statement of  Intake is received. A letter from your graduate chapter, regional office, or national office will be required for the submission of this form. No forms will be filled out for your national office or grade checks will be completed by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership until your Statement of Intake is received.

Click Here to find fill out Statement of Intent

Things Due 15 Business Days before Member Education Begins

1. New Member Education Plan including a calendar of activities
(Must Include ALL programs, events, informational dates, selection dates, and proposed New Member Presentation date. The submission must have DETAILED information about each activity).

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*All new member activities MUST occur on-campus. Any request must be submitted to Greek Life Staff in advance with the support and presence of an advisor.

2. Statement of Approval
(Must be from the National Office and include written consent and approval for the local organization to conduct memberships intake. MUST include state and end dates.)

3.Greek Yearly Agreement
(All active and inactive chapter members,  graduate chapter advisors, and any other individual involved with the membership intake process MUST sign the yearly Greek Life Agreement which includes  The University of Toledo's Statement on Hazing. This form is found on OrgSync.) 

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4. Grades

(Individuals interested in organizations must submit a grade release via OrgSync to the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership for grade checks. This MUST be done PRIOR to member education ). We will no longer make exceptions for interested members who do not meet the GPA, even if this exception is given from a national office. Historically members who have not met the GPA requirement prior to membership intake do not reach the GPA requirement after membership intake. 

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3 Business Days Before New Member Education Begins:

1. All new members MUST sign Membership Agreements with Greek Life professional staff. This includes a brief conversation with Greek Life staff regarding the new member process, hazing,  and a conduct release. Please schedule an appointment to have this meeting by emailing An appointment is required.

Policy Regarding Membership Numbers: 
ALL student organizations will be required to have 7 active members by the end of the Fall 2017 semester. There will no longer be exceptions made for NPHC and MGC organizations after this date, as has been done in the past under the 10 member minimum. Failure to meet this 7 active member requirement will put your organization into an inactive status. Inactive status means that your organization can only host recruitment events until that 7 member minimum is met. Organizations that are under a national moratorium will be exempt from this rule until that moratorium is lifted. 

New Member Presentation Guidelines

 New Member Presentations are defined as:

  • The public presentation of new members into an organization; and
  • Presentations typically involve stepping, greeting of other organization members, and/or an introduction/reception featuring new members.

New Member Presentations must be approved by Greek Life Staff through the following procedure:

  1. Approval from the organization inter/national headquarters and/or alumni advisor through a direct email to the Program Manager, Greek Life at
  2. Submission of National Guidelines for New Member Presentation
    Click Here to Submit National Guidelines for New Member Presentation
  3. The location must occur on The University of Toledo campus and must be reserved via OrgSync at least 28 days in advance. Once approved, any changes to the event, including content, location, and date, must be communicated and approved by the Program Manager, Greek Life.
    1. New Member Presentation content must be approved at least 2 days before the event.
           i.      Organizations are required to schedule a meeting with the Program Manager, Greek Life to review content with at least one week notice for the desired date/time.
  1. New Member Presentations must occur within the designated time constraints per the inter/national organization or within seven days of initiation or by the final date before the last week of classes, whichever occurs first.
  2. New Member Presentations MUST follow inter/national organization policies, a copy of which must be provided to the Program Manager, Greek Life prior to content approval.
  3. New Member Presentations may not be scheduled to begin after 9:00 pm and must start within 15 minutes of scheduled time advertised and can last no longer than two hours.
  4. Following the New Member Presentation, members of the presenting organization must vacate the area within 30 minutes and assist with crowd disbursement.  The hosting organization is responsible for ensuring the site used is left in its original state (i.e. clean-up, put the furniture back, etc.).
  5. A representative of Greek Life Staff and an Alumni Advisor for the organization must be in attendance for the entire duration of the New Member Presentation.
  6. Organizations are required to have a minimum of 3  University of Toledo staff members present at the New Member Presentation (not including the Program Manager, Greek Life, and the Alumni Advisor). It is the responsibility of the organization to ask staff members to be present at the New Member Presentation for the duration of the show (30 minutes prior and after until every individual has left the site).
  7. New Member Presentations are not to be scheduled on the same day/time of a previously registered event of another organization in the NPHC or MGC governing councils nor be held in conjunction with any other program or event (i.e.: not during a step show, educational program, social event, etc).
  8. The Program Manager, Greek Life must approve the use of any props including but not limited to masks, canes, bricks, paddles, and shields.
  9. No bricks, canes, bats and/or paddles, etc. will be allowed at any New Member Presentations unless included on the list of approved props.
  10. No alcoholic beverages and/or drugs will be permitted on site.  Public intoxication is also a violation of this rule.  This applies to visiting chapters, alumni and/or graduate members. 
  11. Inappropriate language, vulgar content, sexual innuendos, or dissing will not be permitted.
  12. It is the chapter responsibility to notify visiting and alumni members of all University of Toledo New Member Presentation rules.
  13. All attendees will be held to The University of Toledo Student Code of Conduct as well as state and federal law.
  14. Any violation of this policy or the Student Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action against the hosting organization. 
Last Updated: 9/17/18