Greek Life

A Note from the Interim Dean of Students...

Dear Parents,

I am privileged to work with the men and women of UT’s fraternities and sororities. Greek students are often held to false stereotypes of excessive drinking and hazing. These students, however, demand more of themselves than their non-Greek peers. They strive for excellence both in and out of the classroom. Greek students value more than just a social experience throughout college; they value community service, academics, brotherhood/sisterhood, and campus involvement.

These students strive for success and they have a long list of accomplishments to prove it: Greeks helped raise more than $180,000 for charity last year; Greeks consistently get better grades than their non-Greek peers; and Greeks tend to be more successful post graduation than non-Greeks just to name a few. 

Greek students work hard and demand more from themselves. It’s not easy being Greek. Fraternity and sorority members must work more than other students, they are accountable to more people and higher standards, and they are challenged in ways that other students cannot understand. Greeks are expected to live by classical ideals and to lead their brothers and sisters to attain excellence.

Personally, being a member of a Greek organization got me involved in community service, pushed me to keep my grades up, and helped me get involved on campus. My best times in college were spent with my sorority sisters. I sincerely believe that your student can be a better person through membership in one of our fraternities and sororities. I know that he or she will find a more supportive environment in studies, in social life, and in personal development than would otherwise be possible. I hope you will encourage your student to explore Greek Life at UT.

Michelle Martinez
Interim Dean of Students


Hear it from an advisor… 


Your family has made a terrific decision for your child’s future by enrolling at The University of Toledo. UT has grown into a formidable center for higher learning with a broad offering of business, engineering, pharmacy, and arts and sciences. The University also offers fine programs, facilities, and services to enhance the students’ campus life. One of the best examples of education-plus is Greek Life at UT.   

The University of Toledo has for more than fifty years looked to its Greek letter students for leadership and innovation. A look at student government and philanthropy will quickly expose the Greek student majority. As we look at UT’s Board of Trustees and the Alumni Association, we see Greek alumni in great numbers. And, there is a reason for these realities.   

The Greek life is one of learning, maturing and leading. The typical Greek letter students takes scholarship seriously and is encouraged by their brothers and sisters and their national organizations to perform above the average scholastically; and they succeed at UT as each semester the Greek grade averages significantly surpasses the all-campus GPA’s.   

Leadership skills are taught and honed by being a part of self-governance within the chapters. The officers and committee chairmen make the agendas and perform the efforts to make the house work. Student who go through the chairs within their fraternity or sorority leave their college experience ready to join a vocational environment where meetings, communication of ideas and leadership are the necessities of advancement. I urge you and your students to explore the Greek Community here at UT and ensure the full college experience is gained by your students. 

Larry E. Zaiser, Chairman
Greek Advisors/Greek Village Policy Committee


Last Updated: 2/16/18