Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

2015 Parks and Multicultural Student Leader Awards


              ALL AWARD SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE SUNDAY, APRIL 12, 2015 at 11:59pm.

The Parks Student Organization Awards at The University of Toledo were created in memory of Donald S. Parks, who served as UT’s Dean of Students for an esteemed twenty-one years.  Park’s contributions have enabled the Division of Student Affairs to honor and recognize outstanding students and registered student organizations that have excelled in leadership and academics and made positive contributions to the greater university community. 

Funds established in Parks’ name are dedicated to advancing and celebrating student organizations success at UT.  This year, there will be eight monetary awards given in conjunction to the recognition award. Each award amount will be added to the 2015-2016 operating budget of the student organizations in addition to the base budget already allocated. In the event that the winning organization does not have an allocated budget, the award will be given through p-card purchases for a sponsored program.  The following is a summary of the awards presented.

                                                    STUDENT LEADER/ORGANIZATION AWARDS:
                                                       Parks Outstanding Program Award
                                                Parks Outstanding Multicultural Program Award
                                                  Parks Outstanding Student Leader Award
                                           Parks Outstanding Advisor Award (Faculty/Staff)
                                               Parks Outstanding Advisor Award (Volunteer)



The Office of Excellence and Multicultural Student Success and Office of Student Involvement & Leadership at The University of Toledo is excited to announce the Multicultural Student Leadership Awards. Diversity, inclusiveness, and individualism enrich our campus in many ways and it is time to recognize students for having the drive and commitment to make a difference in these areas. We are seeking student nominees who have exemplified excellent leadership in diversity awareness and appreciation of UT.

Advocate Award ($50 Rocket Dollars) The Advocate Award is for a student who boldly questions campus standards and norms in the best interest of serving multicultural students at The University of Toledo. This student displays courage and conviction in facing an issue that challenges multicultural students and, through her/his efforts, has a positive impact on both current and future multicultural students at UT. This award is accompanied by a $50 Rocket Card.
Community Spotlight Award ($50 Rocket Dollars) The Community Spotlight Award is for a multicultural student who has made a significant impact on one or more non-profit community organizations serving the diversified community which makes up Toledo and the surrounding area. This award is accompanied by a $50 Rocket Card.
Emerging Leader Award ($50 Rocket Dollars)
The Emerging Leader Award is for a multicultural freshman, sophomore, or first-year transfer student who has made a significant impact outside of the classroom and to campus life. This student demonstrates the potential to be a role model and effective student leader for the rest of her/his tenure at The University of Toledo. This award is accompanied by a $50 Rocket Card.
Excel Award ($50 Rocket Dollars) The Excel Award is for a multicultural student who has achieved academic excellence (cumulative GPA of 3.0 – undergraduate and 3.2 – graduate) and contributed significantly to the out of classroom experience. This person serves as a role model for students seeking a balance between academic and co-curricular success. This award is accompanied by a $50 Rocket Card.
Defying the Odds Award ($50 Rocket Dollars)

The Defying the Odds Award is for a multicultural student who has achieved academic and personal success despite tremendous obstacles such as financial hardship, lack of or few positive role models, and environmental circumstances not conducive to furthering her/his education. This student demonstrates outstanding loyalty and commitment to The University of Toledo through exemplary service to this institution. This award is accompanied by a $50 Rocket Card.

General Nomination Rules:

  1. Student must be currently enrolled at The University of Toledo
  2. Any student who has won an award will not be eligible to win the same award in the following years.
  3. Students may be nominated for as many categories as are available, but will only be eligible to win one award for the year.
  4. Students may be nominated by others or may choose to self-nominate.


*Students must be in good standing with the University academically and judicially to be eligible for awards. The Office of Dean of Students will perform grade and judicial checks to ensure each student is in good standing. A FERPA waiver must be signed in addition to the application.

Last Updated: 11/18/15