Office of Student Involvement & Leadership

The Student Allocation Committee (SAC)

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Student Allocation Committee (SAC) is to serve the University community by reviewing student organization funding requests in an effort to aid in student engagement, enrichment, and outreach at the University of Toledo. SAC is a diverse committee of appointed student leaders working to provide members, presenters, and future organizations with an opportunity to develop each stakeholder in areas of professionalism, problem-solving, decision-making, and accountability. 

Committee Functions

  • Review and award special funding requests made by registered UT student organizations following the stated guidelines from the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership.
  • Assist the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership in the review and approval of annual operating budgets for student organizations following the stated guidelines from the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership. 

requesting funding for events or travel

The Student Allocation Committee hears requests for funds throughout the academic year. All requests for Special Funding require the completion of the Special Funding Request Form a minimum of 4 weeks before the requested event or travel. The form is designed to help you show a complete financial picture related to the event or travel. The Committee must be able to make an educated and informed decision in regards to your request. The funds that SAC allocates on behalf of the University are Student General Funds, therefore, there are strict guidelines as to how they can be awarded and spent. Please be sure to read all instructions and tips on this page, as well as the request form prior to completing your request.


Rules and Stipulations for Special Funding

  • Funding priority for SAC is given to events that are:
    • On Campus, free to attend and open to ALL UT students
    • Collaborative in planning and execution 
    • In support of UT traditions
  • SAC expects organizations to share the cost for events and only considers requests for specific line item expenses
  • Special Funding cannot pay (directly or indirectly) for personal property, charitable contributions, alcohol, operational costs, or political campaigning
  • If your event charges admission, there may be additional stipulations placed on awarded SAC funds;
    • Organizations may be asked to repay SAC after the event from the profits up to the amount awarded.
    • Funds for security costs may require submission of the Social Event - Security Cost Reimbursement Form (located here) after the event, and that reimbursement will be credited back to SAC.
  • Any supplies, products, or services which are available through UT established sources must be obtained in this fashion.
  • SAC funded social functions MUST be open to all students of the University. Banquets and receptions may not be held to this stipulation if it can be shown that the event is specifically related to events that fulfill the organization goals and purposes.
  • SAC Funding cannot pay for food/beverages in relation to travel. 
  • Event food/catering can only be funded by SAC up to 20% of the total catering cost.
  • SAC cannot fund a reimbursement of costs already paid for by an individual, organization, department or other entity.
  • In order to qualify for SAC travel funds, a complete list of travelers must be submitted with the funding request. The list must include name, Rocket number and academic class for each traveler.
  • Travel is a low priority for SAC.
  • SAC will fund registration costs in relation to travel before transportation or lodging, which are considered to be the lowest priority for SAC funding.

Tips for Completing the Special Funding Request Form

  • Special Funding Request form must be submitted by 4:00 pm on Monday before the desired SAC meeting date.
  • Page 1 is essential information and briefly outlines the process.
    • Be sure to complete every question, incomplete applications will not be considered.
    • Be sure to represent all of your costs and funding sources on this sheet.
    • Remember that SAC awards funding for specific line item uses, not blanket awards for events.
  • Page 4 is the budget breakdown for Travel Funding 
    • The list of travel attendees is essential and must be completed for funding consideration.
    • Be sure to represent all of your costs and funding sources on this sheet.
    • If you are asking SAC for funding for any line item, you indicate that with a check in the "Yes" box to the left of the dollar amount.
    • Remember that SAC awards funding for specific line item uses, not blanket awards for events.

 Preparing for and Delivering the Presentation

  • This is a professional presentation and should be treated as such.
  • Please arrive early and dress in professional attire.
  • You will have up to five minutes to present your request to the committee. Be sure to address the following:
    • History of the event/travel
    • Benefits and impact on the University of Toledo student body and community
    • Precisely how the requested funds will be spent
    • How the event/travel relates to your organization's purpose/mission
  • The committee will have up to 5 minutes for questions.
  • The Student Organization representative will be asked to leave the room while the committee deliberates.
  • SAC will notify the requesting organization of the committee's decision once it is reached via email.

Annual Budgets


Recognized student organizations can apply for an operational budget for the following school year. Operational budgets are issued on a year-to-year basis. Having an operational budget one year does not guarantee that a student organization will receive an operational budget during the following year. Funding is awarded based on the request, justifications for expected expenditures, the activity of the organization and the funds available each year. These funds are from the Student General Fee and have many restrictions on how they can be used.

A member of your student organization's leadership team should submit the budget request form and all supporting documents by 11:59pm on Friday, February 15, 2019. Depending on the amount you request, your organization may be asked to submit additional materials or present to the Student Allocation Committee (SAC) to state your case for funding:

$0-999: No presentation or additional materials required.

$1,000-2,999: Additional materials required to justify funding. These may include traditional presentation formats (PowerPoint, Prezi) or things like photos and/or marketing materials from past events. In-person presentation optional. 

$3,000 or more: In-person presentation to SAC required. You will sign up for a time at the end of theform.


  • Late forms will receive a 10% reduction per week on the funding request, not to exceed 30%. Forms received after the 3-week mark will NOT be reviewed.
  • If you are required to present to SAC (requesting $3,000+) and do not attend, you will receive an automatic 10% reduction.


  1. Only currently registered student organizations in good standing with UT can apply for an operating budget. Student organizations with outstanding issues should consult with the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership (OSIL).
  2. Answer all questions honestly and in their entirety. Some research may be required, so give yourself ample time to complete this form. If you currently have a university budget, it can be found within your OrgSync portal under the “Files” section. Your budget should be listed as “(your organization name) 17-18 Base Budget” or “FY18”.
  3. All budget requests must be submitted electronically. Handwritten requests will not be accepted.
Last Updated: 7/13/18