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Climb Wall - Mile High Club

Mile High 

January 6th through May 3rd

Want to be a member of the Student Recreation Center’s Mile High Club?  All you have to do is complete a mile climb during the semester at the climb cave.  Attend a climb clinic and climb with a friend or visit the wall during staff belay times to climb to the top with the help of SRC Climb Cave employees. Everyone who completes the mile gets a free mile high club t-shirt!

Sign up for the challenge at any time during the semester at the Climb Cave!

To kick off the spring semester and mile high club, the climb wall will be offering free climb clinics, and climbing challenges all week! Stay tuned for Thursday's BIG event!

Mile High Club Kick Off January 6th-10th 

Monday, January 6th - Boulder Challenges

Tuesday, January 7th - FREE Basic Climb Clinic 5:00pm-8:00pm

Wednesday, January 8th - Top Rope Races

Thursday, January 9th - TBA

Friday, January 10th - FREE Basic Climb Clinic 1:00pm-4:00pm


Mile High Club Rules:

1. One successful climb on our 30’ wall equivalent to 50 vertical feet.  A successful attempt is defined as the participant starting on the Climbing Wall ground level, climbing the wall and touching the belay bar on the top of the wall. Bouldering does not count. Only climbs completed during the program dates count toward the total. This is an individual challenge; all climbs must be made by the individual registered for the challenge.

2. Participants will count their climbs and report their number of climbs to the climb wall supervisor daily.  A Climbing Wall staff member must then sign off on the completed climbs once the participant leaves for the day.  Student Recreation staff has final say in all disputed matters.

3. All participants must abide by Office of Recreation policies and procedures.

4. Climbing Wall staff will belay for participants during staff belay times only. Participants are highly encouraged to attend a climb clinic and have a partner who is belay certified.

5. The first 45 participants who complete the challenge will receive a Free Mile High Club t-shirt.


Last Updated: 8/24/15