Recreational Services

New Employment Information


how to apply

    1. Review position descriptions
    2. Attend Open Call info meeting:
    • Wednesday, September 5th (8pm-10pm) – Student Recreation Center Oak Room
    • Friday, September 7th (9am-11am) – Student Recreation Center Oak Room
    • Wednesday, October 17th (8pm-10pm) – Student Recreation Center Maple Room
    • Friday, October 19th (9am-11am) – Student Recreation Center Oak Room
    • Wednesday, March 13th (8pm-10pm) – Student Recreation Center Oak Room
    • Friday, March 15th (9am-11am) – Student Recreation Center Oak Room

      *UTREC employee application will be open from 10pm Sept. 5 to Midnight Sept. 14*

interview process

  1. Wait to be contacted by hiring manager
    • Not all applicants will receive an interview, applications are screened based upon UTREC need, best fit and quality of materials
  2. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by a UTREC staff member
  3. If selected for an interview, please be prepared:
    • Candidates should report to the designated location on time, but no more than 10 minutes early.
    • Interviews are conducted by UTREC staff members
    • If you miss your interview time, make up interviews may only be held if time permits on another day and if openings are still available
  4. Accept/reject position, if selected for hire
Last Updated: 8/31/18