The University of Toledo Student Government

Legislation 49th Session

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7011-R-020513 02/05/13  A resolution suggesting the reconsideration of eliminating the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Prevention and Sexual Assault Education and Prevention Programs and the termination of the ATOD Specialist Alexis Blavos. Karen Grajczyk, Senator Eric Vandenberghe
7010-R-020513 02/05/12  A Resolution allocating a total of $2,500 for Diversity Week of academic year 2012-2013 Senator Notestine
5005-R-020513 Passed 02/05/13 A resolution requesting that elevator near the northeast stairs of parking garage Area 13 be fixed as soon as possible.  SSIPS
7009-R-020413 02/04/13  A resolution to allocate funds for the screening of the documentary, “Your Environmental Road Trip”, to be screened during RecycleMania 2013. Steering Committee
3002-R-012913  Passed 01/29/13 A resolution for a solution to the flooding problem on a trail in the flatlands behind Parks Tower.  Housing & Residence Life Committee, SSIPS committee 
7007-R-120412 Passed 12/04/12 A resolution stating that Student Government does not support the administration’s decision on forcing student tutors and resident advisors to wear University-mandated uniforms. Vice Chair Kramp
4007-R-120412  Passed 12/04/12  A resolution calling for prompt filling in of an appropriately trained advocate for the SAEPP office. SSIPS, Dr. Sharon Barnes, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, UTFA 
3002-R-120412  Passed 12/04/12  A resolution supporting the weekly placement of UT:10 News on the myUT web portal.  Senator Kitchen 
7006-R-111312 Passed 11/13/12 A resolution stating that Student Government would like to allocate $400 to buy food for the ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs) tailgate on November 20, 2012. Senators Saine
2002-R-111312  Passed 11/13/12  A resolution supporting the campus-wide ban of all university approved advertising from “Pregnancy Help Center of Toledo” and “Heartbeat of Toledo” pregnancy centers along with all similar Crisis Pregnancy Centers.  UT Feminist Alliance 
3001-R-103012  Passed 10/30/12  A resolution supporting the “You are a Target” campaign to take place Saturday November 17th Housing and Residence Life Committee 
6001-R-103012 Passed 10/30/12 A resolution stating the Student Government Office will purchase more Division of Student Affairs Stationary Senate Chair Lauren Jencen
4006-R-103012  Passed 10/30/12  A resolution expressing gratitude to the University of Toledo for supplying buses to and from Campus to Polling Locations on Election Day, November 6, 2012  SSIPS Committee 
4005-R-103012  Passed 10/30/12 A resolution supporting the turning on of outdoor campus lights earlier in the evenings. Senator Saine and Senator Samson 
5004-R-103012 Passed 10/30/12 To allocate funds for the administrative meet and greet Finance Committee 
5003-R-103012 Passed 10/30/12  To allocate funds for the purpose of extracurricular student learning Spectrum 
7005-R-103012 Passed 10/30/12 A resolution stating that the University of Toledo will start using school colors motif and a Rockets theme when remodeling or rebuilding on all campuses. Steering Committee
7004-R-103012 Passed 10/30/12 A resolution stating that Student Government supports the idea of making all printing paper for all campuses recycled paper. Steering Committee
7003-R-101612 Passed 10/16/12 A resolution stating that Student Government will donate $125 to the “1 Matters Organization” for the event Tent City. Steering Committee
4004-R-101612  Passed 10/16/12  A resolution supporting the implementation of a texting service allowing people to inform facilities of areas in need of assistance.  SSIPS Committee, Senator Samson, and Senator Kitchen 
1002-R-101612  Passed 10/16/12  A resolution that the University allows view only access to the following semester during the current semester.  Academic Affairs
2001-R-100912 Passed 10/09/12 A resolution to buy Student Government Business Cards for members to pass out to students, faculty, administration, and other student organizations.  Public Relations and Membership Committee 
5002-R-092512 Passed 09/25/12  A resolution allotting 3000 dollars for Diversity Week Steering Committee
7002-R-092512 Passed 09/25/12 A resolution stating that Student Government will purchase a one year subscription to Survey Monkey for the cost of $204. Senator Kitchen
1001-R-092512 Passed 09/25/12 A resolution suggesting the addition of water bottle filling stations around campus. Academic Affairs
7001-R-091012 Passed 09/10/12 A resolution recognizing the friendly rivalry and comradery of The University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University. President Bongratz, Vice President Dykyj, President Solis, Vice President Neely
4003-R-090412  Passed 09/04/12  A resolution to establish a permanent position for the Student Green Fund Student Government Representative for the 2012-2013 academic year.  SSIPS Committee 
5001-R-090412  Passed 09/04/12  A resolution against moving the Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) Prevention Program and the Sexual Assault Education and Prevention Program (SAEPP).  Senator Samson 
4002-R-090412  Failed 09/04/12  A Resolution stating that the University of Toledo Student Government shall be required to refrain from motioning to suspend any readings until the document title is fully read aloud. SSIPS Committee 
4001-R-090412  Passed 09/04/12  A resolution stating that the University of Toledo supports responsible driving especially in regards to safety of bicyclists.  SSIPS Committee
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