Career and Self-Evaluation (AL 1120): Instructor Resources

UC 1120 pre- and post- assessment Please use these for learning outcome
Student Assessment Summary
Student Review Chart

Career Development Theories Overview 
Career Development Theory: Donald Super
4-Step Process  w/activities (UT Career Services)
4-Step Process checklist
Major wheel
Major-Palooza assignment

Self Assessment

The Personal Statement
Personal Career History Activities
Career Beliefs
People, data, or things activity
Another Look at Your Interests
List of Values
Work values activities
Transferable Skills Checklist
Transferable skills activities
Exploring personality types (MBTI)
Personality types-the four preferences (MBTI)
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Learning style
"What did they do before they were famous?" quiz

Holland Personality Type - Interests (RIASEC)
Career Interest Game
Holland's RIASEC Island Exercise
Holland's Hexagon of Personality Types
Holland RIASEC Personality Types Chart  
Holland's Personality Types and Matching Values
Holland Codes -  UT Majors and Career Options

Strong Interest Inventory
Strong Interest Inventory Administering to Students Information
Strong Interest Inventory Sample Report 
Strong Interest Inventory Pre-Interpretation Review - Checks reliability/validity of assessment
Strong Interest Inventory Group Interpretation to Students
Strong Interest Inventory - Basic Interest Scales (BIS)
Strong Interest Inventory - RIASEC Worksheet

Career Awareness

    Focus Instructions
Major & Card Sort
UT Majors Cards
College Checklist
O'Net activity
Occupational Outlook Handbook activity
Occupational prospects activity
Career Exploration diagram
Career Exploration activity
Exploring Majors/Careers - (UT Career Services) includes links to career and major information, myths, interests, skills, personality (MBTI) typeology

Decision Making

Informational interviews
Informational interview assignment
Informational interview rubric grading sheet

Decision-making Process   
Decision-making Strategy

Action Planning

Action-planning Overview
Action Plan Worksheet
Action plan activity
Goals and Action Plan
Goal-setting Activity
Goal-setting Worksheet
Resume action words
Resume checklist
Resume activity
Networking activities
eFolio Instructor's Handbook
Student Handout: Creating Your eFolio




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