Center for Experiential Learning and Career Services

What to Wear

What works: This look won high honors from most employers
Don't change a thing.  This is about as close as a candidate can get to perfect.  The suit fits and looks comfortable.  The color is very good.  It is very versatile for meetings, interviews, and work.  Hair is neat, jewelry is simple.  I would listen to what this candidate has to say.  Well done. (Staffing Firm)

Very nice attire - don't change a thing. (Arts & Sciences Faculty/Communication)

I love the suit!  It is very classic and crisp looking.  I can even tell your nails look great!  Great smile and posture! (Financial Services)

If this students is going to an interview I would suggest wearing a dear-colored suit such as black, blue or dark gray.  I would also suggest curling her bangs. (Engineering Faculty)

This is a more casual yet professional look.  The heels on the shoes might be a little high and I would go with something lighter in color (shoes).  I might do more with her hair and possible lose a couple of the rings on her fingers. (Government Agency)

Last Updated: 6/9/16