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What to Wear

What works: The suit
What doesn't: Unanimously the shoes need to go and the tie is too loud

What else did our employers and faculty suggest?

The dark navy blue suit looks great! But...these shores need to be replaced with a dark dress shoe, like a wingtip or loafer.  Shoes are a very important part of the first impression.  Just on shoes alone, I have determined whether or not the person will ever have a second interview.  Do I want to take this individual into the board room to meet with CEOs of other companies?  This is the type of question the employer is asking during the initial interview.  Even if you only have one good dress suit make sure you are also getting great shoes, ties and shirts to go with it.  I believe a classic blue and red striped tie or a smaller pattern would work better with this suit. (Financial Services)

I would choose another tie for the suit.  That tie is a little loud for an interview.  I would also suggest changing the shoes.  The shoes he is wearing are too casual - black dress shoes. (Engineering Faculty)

A more neutral tie is a must if interviewing.  (A&S Faculty/Communication)

The shoes look too casual for a professional look.  Everything fits well and is put together great, but the shoes are a distraction.  Make the shoes black and more of a dress shoe. (Staffing Firm)

The tie and shoes have GOT to go.  This is all wrong for an interview - although the tie might work for a job in sports management or a sports related field. I would go with something more traditional and a dressier pair of shoes. (Government Agency)

The suit looks great with the white shirt, except I would suggest a tie that would be less distracting in pattern.  His shoes should match the color and formality of the suit.  I also recommend buttoning the jacket until he sat down. (Technology Firm).

Tie should be snug.  Jacket buttoned.  Pants too baggy and shoes too casual. (Pharmacy Faculty)

Last Updated: 6/9/16